SK SUMO Waterproofing and Repairing One Member Co., Ltd is proud to be the leading unit in the field of waterproofing consultancy and construction in Da Nang.

​With our ability and long-term experience in the field of waterproofing, we confidently complete all waterproofing projects, helping customers' projects always ensure durability and withstand the impact of the weather effectively. the best.

Main activities of Waterproofing's SK SUMO Company

Over 15 years of operation and development, SK SUMO Waterproofing & Repairing Company has become one of the typical, prestigious, friendly, sustainable cooperation with many partners and customers in the Main areas such as:

- Waterproofing construction of industrial and civil constructions, Epoxy floor paint, Polishing to harden the surface of industrial floors....

- Supplying waterproofing materials and additives of large corporations such as: Sika, Basf,....

- Supplying materials and chemicals of famous partner brands such as Luxchem, HCP, Cray Valley, etc., glass fibers of KCC Korea, ...


Skilled and experienced staff and construction workers

To become the best waterproofing construction company in the market, trusted by a large number of customers, SK SUMO has been constantly improving the quality of the team of engineers, employees and waterproofing contractors. Because we understand that human resources are the most important factor, especially creating the quality of each project and creating the overall reputation of the company.

With this goal, Da Nang waterproofing company SK-Sumo always focuses on recruiting skilled and experienced workers and continuously opens certification training courses to improve the skills of the waterproofing construction team.

Use the best waterproof material

One of the equally important factors determining the quality of SK-Sumo waterproofing services is the origin of the materials used in the construction.

With many years of professional operation, SK-Sumo has always carefully selected and used the best waterproofing materials from famous brands such as Swiss, Sika, AG, Kova, Cormix, Bostik,... to ensure the construction. achieve absolute waterproofing effect after application.

In particular, for each individual construction item, SK-Sumo will advise customers to use separate waterproofing materials. For example, basement waterproofing will use different materials than tank waterproofing, roof decking, etc. Waterproofing works with concrete structures will be different from waterproofing works using many plastic materials,...

Advanced waterproof construction technology

SK-Sumo company sets up a waterproofing construction process with high quality standards, ensuring on schedule and high efficiency.

Therefore, all waterproofing works of SK-Sumo are divided into 3 phases including:

Stage 1: Prepare the construction surface

This seemingly simple step is very important and is a decisive factor in the quality and durability of the waterproofing layer. Therefore, SK-Sumo pays great attention to surface treatment.

Stage 2: Waterproofing construction

In the waterproofing construction stage, there will be many small stages. And each of these steps directly affects the waterproofing effect. According to each project item SK-Sumo will have a reasonable waterproofing construction process.

Stage 3: Inspection and acceptance

After applying the final waterproofing layer, SK-Sumo will conduct a water immersion test to check the waterproofness and complete the job. Customers are those who directly participate in our construction supervision process.

Committed to the best waterproofing effect

SK-Sumo waterproofing company with a team of skilled construction workers, using waterproof materials of famous brands and high standard construction process, we are committed to bringing customers and partners The most effective waterproofing works.

In particular, SK-Sumo is a rare unit that provides warranty for customers' works for more than 10 years. This is our company's commitment to service quality and reputation.

Thousands of individual customers, businesses and organizations have trusted to choose SK-Sumo's waterproofing service, which is always a proof that you can feel secure when cooperating with our company.

SK-Sumo hopes that our efforts will contribute to making our customers' buildings durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions over time.

SK-Sumo waterproofing company always welcomes and respects all comments and evaluations from customers about the company's services, we are ready to listen to continue to improve and innovate to bring quality services. The best quantity according to the wishes of our customers!

Why to choose SK-Sumo?
Experienced & Professional
With the goal of building professional consulting, maintenance & waterproofing construction services, SK-Sumo has been and is a reliable choice of customers.
Efficient & Fastest
SK-Sumo waterproofing consulting, maintenance & construction services, in addition to focusing on quality, also promote professionalism, quick construction, and on schedule.
Prestigious & Quality
SK-Sumo with professional and quality criteria, we always invest in upgrading work processes, thereby minimizing costs and improving service quality.
Good Best Price
With the motto "All for the benefit of customers", SK-Sumo always strives to minimize costs in order to popularize waterproofing services to everyone.
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