Soundproof solutions

SK-Sumo specializes in soundproofing construction solutions in Da Nang, ready to meet the needs and requirements of customers with professional, highly effective soundproofing construction services with the most optimal cost.
Soundproof solutions


Construction ensures technical standards, absolute waterproofing effect

Using new waterproofing products, suitable for all projects

Professional construction solutions, maximum cost savings for customers

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Soundproofing (sound absorption) solutions for houses need to be properly constructed in order to have a quiet space for the family. Obviously, dealing with frequent noise pollution is a source of health effects, especially insomnia, depression and stress. Therefore, choosing a suitable and effective soundproofing solution for your home is something that many people are interested in today.

Of course, in order to meet the requirements in the process of soundproofing construction for houses in general, it is essential that the construction unit has experience, properly implements the technical process, and uses supporting equipment. state-of-the-art technology and support.

Soundproof solutions


SK-Sumo is a company specializing in providing consulting services for solutions and construction of sound insulation in Đà Nẵng. With modern technology and new soundproofing materials, we are ready to offer our customers the most effective and cost-effective sound insulation solutions available today.

  • SK-Sumo's soundproofing and construction consulting services include:
  • Construction solutions for soundproofing the walls of the house
  • Solution for soundproofing the door system
  • Soundproof construction solutions for ceilings and roofs
  • Construction solutions for soundproofing floors
  • By construction method and using new types of soundproofing materials, SK-Sumo confidently brings absolute quietness to your family's living space.


SK-Sumo is a unit specializing in sound insulation construction in Da Nang, we are ready to provide customers with effective soundproofing solutions with the most optimal package fee. Services SK-Sumo provides include:

  • Construction of soundproofing ceilings, roof floors
  • Construction of soundproofing house walls, soundproof walls
  • Construction of soundproofing the floor, soundproofing the door system
  • Construction of soundproofing tea room, bar, discotheque
  • Construction of soundproofing halls, meeting rooms
  • Construction of soundproofing restaurants and hotels
  • Construction of soundproofing apartments, townhouses
  • Construction of soundproofing karaoke rooms, recording studios
  • Construction of soundproofing generator room
  • ...

Implementing a soundproofing solution is one of the measures to prevent noise from outside entering the house or from one room to another, thereby helping to minimize the harm caused by noise to human health. shared.

Soundproof solutions

Construction solutions for soundproofing the walls of the house

Construction solution for soundproofing the overall house wall by using gypsum, brick mortar, solid wood, ... with a thickness of ≥20cm. Walls should be roughened to absorb sound and reduce echoes. They can be molded with lime mortar, felt fabric or put soundproofing material on the surface of the wall to limit the sound from outside to penetrate inside.

In addition, it is possible to build two layers of walls, in the middle there is a layer of air for soundproofing. At the same time, on the wall adjacent to the sound source, cabinets, bookshelves, and bookshelves should be placed to reduce sound transmission.

Solution for soundproofing the door system

The first solution for soundproofing the door system is to use materials that have good sound insulation. In particular, pay attention to sealing all openings on the door to prevent outside sounds from entering. There are many ways to do this, namely using materials: foam, rubber bands or silicone pumps to seal the gaps. In addition, you can choose from ready-to-use products with many customizable designs, the most popular and the least expensive are 2-leaf glass doors, or you can choose a system of main doors, windows, and balcony doors. steel core wood...

The main door system is the easiest place to transmit sound from the outside. Therefore, you need to apply the following soundproofing measures for each type of door, specifically:

- For large doors: If using wooden doors, you should thicken or make 2-layer doors (outer wood planks - inner glass boards) to enhance sound insulation. At the same time, it is possible to design more buffer space to soundproof the room such as lobby, reception hall, waiting room...

- For windows: It is recommended to choose a double vacuum glass door with 2 layers of wooden doors outside and soundproof glass doors inside.

- For the side door: Can use natural wooden door or industrial wood door, artificial plywood but suitable thickness.

In addition, all openings in the door system should be identified and treated so that sound cannot pass through: use rubber gaskets, silicone pumps to seal these gaps. At the same time, avoid placing doors opposite each other to limit sound transmission between rooms, causing acoustic resonance and making the interior space noisier.

Construction solutions for soundproofing roofs and ceilings

The most commonly used ceiling soundproofing solution is plasterboard ceilings with standard thicknesses. Gypsum ceiling is a pretty good sound-absorbing material, has a reasonable price, so it is very popular.

However, during construction, it is necessary to pay attention to leaving a standard gap between the ceiling and the plaster ceiling to better prevent sound transmission through the material structure. In addition, it is possible to increase the soundproofing effect of the ceiling by using a combination of plasterboard ceilings with other sound-absorbing materials such as glass wool or mineral wool.

A good solution for soundproofing the roof is by using a tile roof instead of a corrugated iron roof or using a corrugated iron roof with a large thickness combined with a heat-resistant sound absorption layer below to limit the sound transmission through the roof structure. better.

Soundproof solutions

Construction solutions for soundproofing floors and floors

The solution of soundproofing the floor and the floor is also necessary to prevent noise and echo in the room. The basic method for soundproofing a floor or floor is to use a thick carpet. In addition, you can choose soundproof flooring made of solid wood, soft plastic and other materials with good sound absorption, because when the sound travels, less is absorbed into these layers.

In summary, in order to effectively block noise, it is necessary to combine overall sound insulation techniques, use a combination of sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials, and the correct method of implementation by the units. specializes in soundproofing construction for specific projects in general.

Each soundproofing solution has certain advantages and disadvantages, so for the most effective and economical soundproofing solution, please contact our SK-Sumo immediately for advice on options and solutions. solve the problem according to your request in the best way.

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