Swim pool waterproofing

SK-Sumo is a reputable, professional and low cost construction contractor for swimming pool floor waterproofing services in Da Nang. With many optimal construction solutions, new high-quality waterproofing materials, ensuring effective waterproofing of the swimming pool floor to help protect the project best.
Swim pool waterproofing


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Swimming pool water floor is a construction that is often exposed to large volumes of water. This makes swimming pool walls made of ordinary concrete difficult to ensure sustainability against water pressure for a long time. Therefore, in order for the project to be used for a long time, it is necessary to construct a professional swimming pool waterproofing, following the correct process and technique and performed by a team of engineers, waterproof construction workers with professional skills. Highly skilled and experienced is essential.

Swim pool waterproofing


SK-Sumo is the best waterproofing construction unit in Da Nang today. With the strength and experience of more than 15 years in the field of waterproofing, SK-Sumo is committed to providing customers with the most effective and cost-effective solution for waterproofing swimming pools according to actual requirements. projects for customers to choose from.

Currently, SK-Sumo provides many solutions for waterproofing swimming pool floors in accordance with the conditions and requirements of the project for customers to choose from such as:

  • Waterproof treatment of water floors, swimming pools with Sika
  • Waterproofing treatment of water floors with specialized paints
  • Waterproof treatment of swimming pool floor with waterproof glue
  • Waterproofing treatment of swimming pools with a torch waterproof membrane
  • 2-component cementitious treatment for swimming pools

If you need advice on swimming pool waterproofing maintenance solutions in Da Nang to ensure high quality technical standards with good competitive prices, please contact SK-Sumo immediately for advice and support. The most professional waterproofing service!

Why is it necessary to waterproof the swimming pool floor?

The process of using the swimming pool after a period of time will degrade the quality leading to water leakage or reverse seepage from the groundwater. In addition, swimming pools often accumulate water, if the construction quality is poor, the concrete walls are not good, it is easy to leak and seep. Therefore, to prevent and overcome, the application of waterproofing measures for swimming pools is essential.

Obviously, the function of the swimming pool is to store water and create space for users to have fun and exercise. However, overexposure to water can cause the structure to become waterlogged and leaky. This condition is especially common during the hot and humid weather of summer. Outside groundwater seeps into the pool and vice versa can weaken the pool's foundation and walls. In the long run, the structure will no longer be strong enough to withstand the pressure of large volumes of water. Leaks and even pool breaks can occur. Not to mention the immediate impact on the infrastructure of a house or large construction. This is extremely dangerous for an overhead swimming pool.

In fact, investors need regular swimming pool maintenance. However, if you do not conduct waterproofing from the beginning, the cost is very large. This is why we should waterproof swimming pools during construction or immediately after use. This not only helps prolong the life of the project, but also saves costs for the investor.

Swim pool waterproofing

Current popular swimming pool waterproofing construction methods

Currently, swimming pool waterproofing services are provided by many construction contractors. Depending on the structural survey and the actual status of the project, there is an optimal, suitable and economical waterproofing method. Here are some popular swimming pool waterproofing construction options for your reference, specifically:

Waterproof treatment of swimming pool floors with Sika

Sika compound is liquid, elastic and waterproof. Usually, investors use this method to waterproof rooftop swimming pools. In terms of advantages, Sika is easy to mix and easy to apply. On the surface of floors and walls, this mixture has high adhesion, especially to concrete and mortar. The ingredients of Sika also help fight against natural carbonation. Therefore, the waterproof effect is quite stable.

When waterproofing a swimming pool with Sika, it is essential to understand the structure of the building. For concrete surfaces, Sikament R4 will be the best choice. For the stopping circuit, Sika Waterbar or CJ grade Sika Hydronit can be used. For general structures requiring reinforcement, Sika Latex waterproofing mortar is suitable and recommended.

Waterproof treatment of swimming pool floor with epoxy paint

Epoxy paint is a popular solution for waterproofing swimming pools. Epoxy coating helps protect the floor, wall of the pool and removes mold, increasing the life of the building.

Epoxy paint has two main components: One is a solvent and a colorant, similar to other paints. The other ingredient is the curing agent, which determines the paint's resistance to water (this type of compound is called epoxy resin).

Outstanding properties of epoxy paint are insoluble in water, absolute waterproof, high adhesion. The structure of this component also contains 2 benzene rings. As a result, epoxy paints are typically tough, hard, and heat-resistant, making them particularly suitable for harsh climates. When using, the paint must be poured into a suitable solvent and the paint can be painted after stirring, avoid exposing the paint mixture used for construction to the air for too long because it will harden and be difficult to manipulate. .

Waterproofing treatment of swimming pool water floors with composite glue

Composite is composed of fiberglass made from composite glue and glass cloth. Specifically, this type of material consists of 2 main components: reinforcing material and base material, in which, the reinforcing material is long glass fiber. Typically, these glass fibers have the properties of stress concentration, chemical resistance and heat transfer. At the same time, the base layer has adhesion, environmental dispersion and enhanced protection.

Accordingly, composite materials have very good waterproofing and bearing capacity. Since the fiberglass construction does not react to chemicals, durability is guaranteed even under extreme conditions. Another advantage of composite materials is that it is light and thin, suitable for waterproofing floors and swimming pools. In addition, composite adhesive materials make the waterproofing construction process simpler than some other materials.

Waterproofing treatment of swimming pool water floors with torch waterproof membrane

The torch waterproof membrane is made from a selective and bitumen-rich APP polymer blend. The inside of the film is reinforced with polyester mesh produced by non-woven spinning method. Helps the film to have better strength, flexibility, toughness, elasticity, better temperature resistance and mechanical impact.

Thermal torch waterproofing membrane material is often chosen to be used for waterproofing treatment for many underground construction items with concrete and plastered surfaces; waterproofing roof floors, balconies, basements, water floors, swimming pools, etc.

Waterproof treatment of underground swimming pool water floors

Swimming pools located below the ground are often very susceptible to water seepage. Part of the reason is that the inside of the swimming pool is not waterproof or the outside water seeps into it, especially the swimming pool design and construction process has not been standardized. Therefore, depending on the current situation, there may be a suitable solution for waterproofing the underground swimming pool.

Currently, the most common waterproofing solution for underground swimming pools is to use a silicate-based solution. This is an easy to implement and effective solution that is used by many people because of the following advantages:

  • Silicate-based waterproofing solution with good adhesion
  • High durability, good waterproof effect for swimming pools
  • Swimming pool waterproofing treatment in the form of osmosis should overcome the disadvantages of leakage from the inside
  • Silicate waterproofing solutions are versatile, highly versatile and can be used to solve any waterproofing problem.

Waterproof treatment of rooftop swimming pool water floors

The most advanced rooftop swimming pool waterproofing treatment solution today is the use of Sika waterproofing. This is the most optimal option for 100% waterproofing efficiency.

  • The strength of Sika waterproofing is its high efficiency, which is used to serve waterproofing for all types of materials, from walls, roofs, floors, ...
  • Besides, Sika waterproofing can also handle wall cracks, foundation cracks, exposing wall necks, ...
  • In addition, Sika waterproof materials are liquid, easy to use, flexible, resistant to strong chemicals, non-toxic to health, and do not pollute the environment.

Swim pool waterproofing

The best quotation for waterproofing the swimming pool floor in Da Nang

You need the best quotation for swimming pool waterproofing in Da Nang based on the actual construction work item? Please contact SK-Sumo immediately for advice and support, all your needs and requirements will be met by us with professional, fast and cost-effective service.

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