Roof floor waterproof

SK-Sumo is a company that provides the most professional and cheapest roof waterproofing service in Da Nang. With 15 years of operation in the construction waterproofing industry, we are confident to bring our customers the absolute effective roof waterproofing and terrace waterproofing solution.
Roof floor waterproof


Construction ensures technical standards, absolute waterproofing effect

Using new waterproofing products, suitable for all projects

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Roof or terrace is an item that is often directly affected by the weather, prone to leaks, cracks, stagnant water, moss growth, peeling, etc., causing rapid deterioration of buildings. Generally speaking. Therefore, the waterproofing of roof floors and terraces is very necessary to protect the overall structure of the building against the influence of the weather. However, investors need to find out and choose to cooperate with a reputable and professional waterproofing construction unit to ensure the best quality waterproofing works.

Roof floor waterproof

SK-SUMO rooftop waterproofing construction services

SK-Sumo is a unit specializing in waterproofing construction in Da Nang, with the potential and experience of more than 15 years, we are ready to provide the most suitable roof waterproofing solutions for construction projects. general civil and industrial.

Accordingly, SK-Sumo's roof deck waterproofing consulting and construction services include:

Waterproofing roof deck with Sika paint
• Waterproofing roof terrace with Kova paint
• Waterproofing roof terrace with bitumen membrane
• Waterproofing the roof terrace with epoxy paint
• Waterproofing the roof terrace floor with a cement-based waterproofing membrane

In addition to roof terrace waterproofing services, we are also a unit specializing in waterproofing for many other construction items, such as:

• Balcony waterproofing prevents slippage, anti-corrosion, protects the structure and aesthetics of the building.
• Waterproofing of the seno (water trough) helps to overcome mold, yellowing of ceilings and walls due to stagnation and water infiltration.
• Waterproofing of water tanks, flower beds to prevent water penetration of partitions causing mold and deterioration of pool walls and flower beds.
• Waterproofing basements, elevator pits to overcome the phenomenon of water infiltration and stagnation due to the fact that the actual conditions of the work and construction structure do not meet the standards.
• In-wall waterproofing fixes damp walls caused by water seepage or broken wall plumbing. Fixing the problem of peeling walls, yellowing walls, moldy walls due to damp, water-absorbent wall structures.
• …

If you need advice on waterproofing solutions for roof terraces in Da Nang to ensure high quality technical standards at the best competitive prices, please contact our SK-Sumo company for advice and support. quickly with the most professional waterproofing service.

Roof floor waterproof

Causes of roof leaks on the roof terrace

Rooftop floors of construction projects in general have a leaky phenomenon due to a number of common reasons:

  • Due to the unsustainability of the structure of the roof terrace construction items, the deflection and settlement are uneven, prone to cracking, breaking, crow's feet cracks and long standing water stagnation causing seepage and leakage.
  • Due to the phenomenon of shrinkage of the concrete layer on the roof terrace with the surrounding wall is not uniform, causing layer separation and leakage.
  • Due to poor quality waterproofing materials, inappropriate waterproofing construction process, thin amount of waterproof glue causing loss of ability to shrink according to weather fluctuations, etc.
  • Because the roof deck has not been treated with waterproofing, the process of pouring concrete on the roof deck does not meet the technical requirements.
  • Because the roof deck has an inadequate drainage system, it leads to water stagnation and leaks for a long time
  • Due to the serious deterioration of the roof deck, the roof deck design solution is not suitable for waterproofing maintenance and repair.

Roof waterproofing is a very important thing to be focused on in any construction project, because the consequences of poor roof waterproofing will lead to serious consequences that are more difficult to handle such as planing. Corrosion, damage to concrete, seepage causing rust on steel structures and peeling concrete, ... seriously threaten the safety of users.

The benefits of waterproofing the roof of the terrace

The construction of waterproofing roof floors and terraces of construction works in general brings a lot of specific practical benefits such as:

- Extend the life of the roof deck: The waterproofing layer prevents water from seeping into the cement layer, damaging the architectural structure of the roof deck and the overall building.

- Save maintenance and repair costs: The roof deck is not waterproofed from the beginning, once a leak occurs, it will be much more expensive to carry out the repair. Therefore, waterproofing the roof floor from the beginning will save a lot of maintenance and repair costs later on.

- Increase the aesthetics of the building: Waterproofing the roof of the terrace is considered a protective layer to help the house always be watertight, anti-mildew and keep the aesthetics better over time.

Which roof deck waterproofing construction plan is the best?

In order to increase the waterproofing ability of the roof terrace floor, the use in combination with waterproofing agents is considered an effective method. Here are some of the best and frequently used roof deck waterproofing construction options:

The plan of waterproofing the roof of the terrace with Sika paint

Sika waterproof paint is a high-quality waterproofing material that is used a lot in houses, water tanks, swimming pools... The advantage of this waterproof material is that it has good adhesion, durability, and is not corroded by the elements. common chemicals even in alkaline environments.

In addition, Sika waterproof paint material also has good elasticity, so it minimizes cracks on the surface of the building during use. In particular, this material is environmentally friendly, not harmful to users' health, so it is trusted by many people.

The plan of waterproofing the roof of the terrace with Kova paint

Kova waterproof paint prevents water well and is suitable for many construction projects. The product has outstanding advantages in bonding with concrete and cement mortar.

In addition, Kova paint has good wear resistance, salt water resistance and alkali resistance. In particular, this waterproofing agent does not contain harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, so it is very safe for operators and users.

The plan of waterproofing the roof of the terrace with a torch bitumen membrane

Torch bitumen waterproofing membrane is a waterproofing product made from elastomeric bitumen polymer BPP, a refined bitumen compound with high molecular weight polymers. Next, the torch bitumen film is reinforced with non-woven polyester mesh, providing high performance in all conditions.

Hot torch bitumen waterproofing membrane has the advantages of good water resistance, environmental protection, effective anti-ultraviolet rays, etc., suitable for waterproofing roof terraces in many construction projects.

Rooftop waterproofing plan with epoxy paint for waterproofing

Waterproof epoxy paint has 2 main components A and B. In which, component A contains small color particles, solvents and additives. Part B contains a hardener that makes it easier for the paint to dry.

The outstanding advantages of waterproof epoxy paint are high adhesion to all materials, heat resistance, wear resistance, good friction resistance, and easy cleaning.

The plan of waterproofing the roof of the terrace with a cement-based waterproofing membrane

Currently, there are many types of cement-based waterproofing membranes, but in general, this type of waterproofing product has a penetrating effect under the cement surface, which can better protect the building from external influences.

The product is highly resistant to cracking and shrinking. Quick curing in just 4 hours and ready to walk again. In addition, cement-based waterproofing materials also have high moisture-proof performance, which is convenient for construction and use.

In short, with each roof waterproofing material, there will be different technical requirements for construction. Therefore, when using it, follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you are not confident in your ability to perform, the best way is to use the waterproofing service of a professional waterproofing unit.

Roof floor waterproof

The best quotation for waterproofing roof terrace floors in Da Nang

Do you need the best quotation for roof waterproofing construction in Da Nang based on the actual construction items? Please contact SK-Sumo company immediately for advice and support, all your needs and requirements will be met by us with the fastest and most professional service.

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