SK-Sumo specializes in receiving contractors for waterproofing construction in Da Nang. In particular, waterproofing construction of houses, high-rise buildings, specialized construction works, ... with high quality standards, the most optimal cost.

SK-Sumo Company is a professional waterproofing service provider in Da Nang. In particular, specializes in waterproofing housing projects, high-rise buildings, specialized construction works,... ensuring high quality, low cost.

In construction engineering, waterproofing is a basic and strict requirement. For commercial centers, apartment projects, office buildings, high-rise buildings or large-scale construction projects, etc., waterproofing is a mandatory requirement in order to protect the works in use. be longer lasting. Of course, the waterproofing construction process needs to ensure the right process, the right design techniques and follow many strict requirements under the supervision of a general waterproofing expert.



On the market today, there are many units providing waterproofing exam services, but not all units are reputable and 100% effective. With more than 15 years of operation in the field of waterproofing, owning a team of experts, engineers, skilled technicians, many years of experience, modern supporting equipment, applying waterproofing technology and materials Recently, SK-Sumo company is confident to be the most professional and prestigious waterproof construction unit in Da Nang today.

Customers who choose to use professional waterproofing construction services SK-Sumo we always have many outstanding policies and terms of commitment such as:

  • Directly survey, consult the cause and propose the most effective waterproofing construction plan
  • Clear and reasonable service quotes based on each specific item with the goal of helping customers save maximum budget
  • The construction process is technically correct, meets quality standards, quickly and on schedule
  • Waterproofing materials meet national standards - TCVN 9065:2012
  • 100% waterproof effect, and no reabsorption
  • Warranty for waterproofing works over 10 years

In order for the project to be comprehensively protected, choosing the best professional, reputable and competitive waterproofing service is a matter that every customer wants. Understanding this problem, SK-Sumo company always strives and constantly innovates solutions and implementation technologies to provide customers with good service and the most optimal cost.

If you need a professional waterproofing solution with the most economical package, please contact our hotline immediately for advice on the optimal construction plan in the fastest time.

What is waterproof construction?

Waterproofing construction is the process of developing when strictly complying with technical requirements of work items in order to prevent water (liquid) from seeping through, causing leaks or dampness for the building in general.

The waterproofing construction process requires the use of specialized supplies and materials to limit or prevent the maximum impact of water (liquid) penetrating through the material. Types of civil works with manifestations such as: wall penetration, ceiling peeling, floor or terrace water absorption, ... are objects that need to be implemented waterproofing measures for protection.

Causes of water seepage in the building

The building is permeable due to heavy rain, the amount of water infiltrating the wall is large while the nature of the cement strongly absorbs water and the distance between the particles is about 20-40 micrometers in diameter.

Seepage usually occurs at the stop circuit when pouring concrete, bolt holes, technical pipes through the wall and bottom after a period of time, creating conditions for water to penetrate into the house.

Because the works have a long time of use, the quality of the construction materials is degraded, so the phenomenon of water seepage occurs.


Popular forms of waterproofing

There are two most common forms of waterproofing today and are classified as forward waterproofing and reverse waterproofing (or reverse waterproofing). Accordingly:

Waterproofing FAVORITE

Forward waterproofing means that the waterproofing treatment is in the same direction as the water infiltration, in which direction the water flows, the waterproofing material will be bonded in that direction. This is the most commonly performed method today and is the preferred waterproofing solution to consider implementation.

Cases in which specific favorable waterproofing solutions are prioritized include:

  • Waterproofing the floor of the toilet to prevent domestic water from seeping into the floor, wetting the lower ceiling or spreading to other background areas.
  • Waterproofing the outer wall to deal with the risk of rainwater seeping into the house.
  • Waterproofing the ceiling, at the same time waterproofing the roof, terrace... to prevent rainwater from seeping into the ceiling and contaminating the ceiling.
  • Waterproofing the rooftop swimming pool, not letting the lake water seep out, ....

Waterproofing NEGATIVE

Reverse waterproofing is a waterproofing solution inside the building, not in direct contact with the water source. This is a common waterproofing method used to prevent capillary phenomena occurring inside the building structure.

Specifically, the wall of the house has two sides, inside and outside. Because the outer surface of the wall is in direct contact with infiltration sources such as rain water, it is necessary to waterproof it. When making additional waterproofing on the inside of the wall to avoid capillary water phenomenon, it is called reverse waterproofing.

Understandably, reverse waterproofing is a waterproofing solution implemented on the principle of opposite direction to the source of the infiltration, providing a more optimal protection layer for the building.

Waterproof RUNNING

Leakproofing is a solution to waterproofing the roof to prevent the roof from being soaked by rainwater or pool water on the roof, causing a leak.

The project needs to be waterproofed when there are yellow stains, moss on the ceiling or when the walls are cracked. Particularly for a roof with a serious leak, there will be obvious symptoms of water droplets running down the floor.

The most commonly used waterproofing material today

Waterproofing materials are substances used in the waterproofing process to help the building better and have a longer life. Accordingly, some of the most commonly used waterproofing materials today include:

The waterproofing material is an elastic liquid membrane: The product is divided into two recognizable liquid and solid forms, when the material dries, it will form a strong, elastic and supple film.

Permeable crystalline waterproofing material: As a waterproofing admixture made from a liquid mixture, when sprayed on the concrete surface, the admixture will penetrate deep into the concrete, forming crystals with Ca (OH)2 and close the pores in the concrete capillary.

Multi-purpose waterproofing material: A liquid waterproofing admixture that is mixed with cement or mortar to increase the waterproofing ability, adhesion and durability of the structure.

Chemical waterproofing: Is a commonly used material for waterproofing walls, floors... Handling water penetration problems caused by structural damage such as wall foundations, pipe necks, ceiling necks, wall cracks, foundation cracks...

Waterproof paint: Waterproof paint is a material that is usually painted on the outside surface or in direct contact with water to waterproof the building. Waterproof paint in addition to the ability to prevent the penetration of water also needs to ensure the aesthetics of the house.

Waterproof glue: A material that has the ability to firmly adhere to the surface of the material, making the bond strong and having special waterproof properties. This helps the glue line ensure effective waterproofing.


Waterproofing items in the construction

  • Roof floor waterproofing
  • Waterproofing toilet floor
  • Waterproofing the wall of the house, treating the wall with water
  • Elevator pit waterproofing
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Swimming pool waterproofing
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Waterproofing the area of adjacent walls and adjacent walls, sealing the adjoining joints between 2 houses, waterproofing adjacent joints
  • Waterproofing corrugated iron roof
  • Concrete floor waterproofing
  • Moisture-proof

Why need waterproofing construction services?

In the past, when building civil and industrial works, little attention was paid to waterproofing. This can cause many harms later on, such as: Loss of aesthetics, mold affecting health, seepage and rapid deterioration of the building leading to the risk of severe damage and collapse. Therefore, the design and construction of waterproofing works is always a top priority in today's time.

Here are the great benefits of using waterproofing construction services for your project, such as:

- Cost savings: Due to the quality of the work is more guaranteed when there is a professional waterproofing service. This reduces future repair and refurbishment costs for the building.

- Ensure high aesthetics for the project: When performing waterproofing, your building will not be cracked, moldy or has an unpleasant smell due to damp,... Ensure the construction is durable and long-lasting. longer.

- Long service life: Using a waterproofing construction service helps protect buildings from the harmful effects of water and moisture, thereby maintaining structural integrity and prolonging the life of the building. .

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