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  • 02/12/2019

The privacy policy of customer information of SK-Sumo repairing and waterproofing company limited

The privacy policy of customer information of SK-Sumo Waterproofing and Repairing One Member Co., Ltd is always an issue that we pay great attention to and attach great importance to. All privacy policies of the company are always based on the provisions of specific laws at: Articles 68 to 73 of Decree 52/2013/ND-CP.

Purpose and scope of customer information collection
Da Nang waterproofing company SK-Sumo does not sell, share or exchange personal information of customers, absolutely does not collect information on the website for any other third party.

Customers' personal information is only allowed to be used internally by the company to communicate and exchange in the process of customers using the company's products and services.

Customer information stored by SK-Sumo includes:

  + Name of individual contact person, organization

  + Phone number

  + Email

  + Customer's address

+ .....

Scope of information use
The company may share your name, phone number and address to the courier service so that the design can be delivered to you and used within the company.

In addition, with the permission of customers, SK-Sumo will promote products designed by the company for homeowners on newspapers, networks, youtube, .... so that everyone can admire the beauty of the partner's work.

Information storage time
SK-Sumo Waterproofing and Repairing One Member Co., Ltd. will store personal information provided by customers to the company during the process of providing products and services to customers until the design contract is completed or when the customer requests to cancel the provided information. In addition, the maximum storage time is 6 months from the date of completion of the contract.

Customer privacy issues
Kisato always cares about customers' privacy when you use the services of SK-Sumo Waterproofing and Repairing Co., Ltd. We understand that you are also very interested in whether the information you provide to the company is kept secure or not? And SK-Sumo always wants you to feel secure and confident when participating in the services that the company provides. Therefore, SK-Sumo is committed to absolutely keeping customer information safe.

SK-Sumo developed this privacy policy to demonstrate its commitment to the safety and security of your information. Through the Information Security Policy, SK-Sumo wants you to better understand the customer information that SK-Sumo requires, along with the use and sharing of customer information, along with information security. system customers.

Sincere thanks to customers for choosing Sky Design construction investment joint stock company as a cooperation unit, sending their trust to the company.

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Hotline: 083 666 0123

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