Payment policy

  • 05/12/2019

Information about the payment policy of SK Sumo for customers when buying products on the company's website.


Customers can choose one or more payment methods for their orders when buying products on SK Sumo's website for payment, specifically:

Payment in advance

Is an online payment method that customers use to pay for orders, including: ATM card (Domestic debit/payment/prepaid card); International payment cards, credit cards (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, UnionPay...); E-wallets Zalo Pay, Momo, …


Is the method that customers use to pay for orders on delivery, including:

  • Payment in cash upon delivery
  • Payment by bank transfer upon receipt

Regulations applicable to forms of payment

Both prepaid and postpaid payment methods are available to SK Sumo customers ordering products on the website and using accepted payment methods.

For purchase and sale contracts, the contract value is paid in 2 installments as follows:

  • Phase 1: Buyer pays 30% of the contract value after 3 days from the date the two parties agree to sign the contract.
  • Phase 2: Buyer pays 70% of the remaining value of the contract after 15 days from the date of handover and acceptance of all materials and goods to the buyer.

The payment profile for each installment includes:

  • The seller's written request for payment
  • VAT invoice
  • Warranty commitment
  • Minutes of handing over goods carefully certified by both parties

Note: Before making payment for the order, both parties will be required to confirm the order on email or in writing.

Regulations on storing customer information

When customers make order and payment features on the website, customer information is stored by us for the purpose of support and delivery, including:

- Order and consignee information: Name, phone number, address, email (if any).

- Payment method: Customers can choose to change the appropriate form of payment as prepaid or postpaid at will.

Payment Privacy Policy

Purpose of application

The ordering and payment system on the website is provided by payment gateway partners that have been licensed to operate legally in Vietnam. Accordingly, SK Sumo's card payment security standards ensure compliance with regulatory security standards. In addition, SK Sumo also has its own security standards for payment transactions, ensuring the absolute safety of customers' payment information.


The policy of payment transactions by domestic and international cards to ensure compliance with the security standards of payment gateway partners include:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) internet data security standard issued by GlobalSign.
  • Certified Payment Information Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provided by Trustwave.
  • 128 bit MD5 encryption standard.
  • Principles and regulations on information security in the banking and finance industry according to regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam.

The transaction security policy in payment of SK Sumo applies to customers:

SK Sumo provides a facility to store card information to use for future payments on with the principle that SK Sumo only stores the payment card information key that has been encrypted by Payment Gateway Partners. So:

  • Customer chooses to use the utility: In case there is a problem related to the security of payment card information, the customer should contact the Payment Gateway Partner to be resolved.
  • Customers do not choose to use the utility: Customer's payment card information is not stored on SK Sumo's system but is kept and secured according to international standards PCI DSS on Payment Gateway Partners.
  • Customers access the website via HTTPS protocol.
  • Customers can optionally use OTP to access and transact.
  • The internal system between SK Sumo modules uses encrypted keys exchange methods: Internal data exchange application systems are encrypted with private and public key sets to ensure confidentiality and integrity. data integrity.
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