Waterproof solutions

SK-Sumo is a unit specializing in consulting the best solutions for waterproofing in Da Nang with more than 15 years of experience. We specialize in consulting and waterproofing construction works, providing waterproofing solutions for houses, apartments, apartments, villas, villas, ... with the most optimal cost.
Waterproof solutions


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Leakage is one of the main causes of rapid deterioration of construction works, directly affecting the quality as well as the durability and safety of the works in general. Therefore, the waterproofing of leaks is a necessary requirement, especially for large and important construction projects.

Waterproof solutions


SK-Sumo with more than 15 years of operation in the field of waterproofing construction works, we are confident to bring to customers the suitable waterproofing solution with the most optimal service price.

SK-Sumo company is ready to advise on the absolute effective waterproof in Da Nang solution for houses, providing comprehensive protection against leakage agents that cause damage to constructions.

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What is the waterproof solution?

Permeation is the penetration of water (liquid) under a certain pressure that can penetrate through a material (material structure). The rate at which water penetrates the material or (material structure) is calculated as the water vapor transmission rate (MVTR).

Solution waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure impermeable or watertight under specified conditions. A method and method of using specialized articles in a wet environment or underwater at a specified depth to prevent infiltration or water infiltration.

Typically, waterproofing solutions are used to overcome water penetration of building structural details (basement, floor or roof...), marine vehicles, electronic equipment, packaging, etc. ... In which, the most mentioned are waterproofing solutions for construction works in general.

Waterproof solutions

Advantages solutions of waterproof in Da Nang

The biggest advantage of the house waterproofing solution in Đà Nẵng is that you can choose from many construction options, waterproofing materials, and the most appropriate and economical way to do it. Accordingly, the outstanding advantages that the waterproofing solution brings can be mentioned as follows:

  • Waterproofing solution helps to prevent repair due to seepage after a period of use of the building.
  • Waterproofing creates a healthier environment for occupants, preventing mold growth on damp surfaces.
  • Basement waterproofing helps to reduce operating costs of refrigeration and mechanical systems
  • Waterproofing, floor cracking due to underground water pressure below
  • Increase the property value of your home and the work is comprehensively protected to ensure no mold, structural damage, deterioration.
  • The tropical monsoon climate causes moisture problems at many construction sites in Vietnam. Water resistance increases safety and reduces moisture problems.
  • Helps prevent structural damage, where water seeping into the foundation can cause cracking, resulting in buckling of the wall. The waterproof solution inside and outside the building helps to better protect the structure.

The most commonly used waterproofing solutions

House wall waterproofing

House walls, especially outer walls, are often washed away by rain water, causing corrosion, water infiltration and mold. If the wall of the house is soaked with water for a long time, it not only leads to rapid deterioration of the building, but also can cause fire, electric shock and other accidents. Accordingly, the waterproofing of the walls of the house must be seriously considered in order to best protect your home, specifically:

- Newly built wall waterproofing solution: Can be applied at the same time in 2 ways, including waterproofing inside and outside walls.

Accordingly, for new wall waterproofing from inside the house, you only need to cover a layer of wall putty material, smooth the surface, then apply a primer layer and finally cover the wall with waterproof paint. complete.

For a new way of waterproofing walls outside the house, you need to mix waterproofing mortar with the main mixture of cement and sand, during the construction process, you can apply a specialized waterproof paint on the outside of the wall. to prevent water from entering the inside of the house wall.

- Solution for waterproofing old house walls: For old house walls, wall waterproofing solutions can be done according to the following steps:

Step 1: Remove the peeling part and clean the wall to be waterproofed

Step 2: Locate gaps and cracks caused by long-term expansion of building materials, then fill these positions with specialized glue (cement and sand) for the interior walls of the house, or seal with wall putty for the outside wall of the house.

Step 3: Treat with one or two coats of waterproof paint. It is necessary to ensure that the painted surface must be clean and dry, the moisture content of the wall is less than 16%.

- Adjacent house wall gap waterproofing: Between the walls of adjacent houses, there are often gaps for rainwater to collect and penetrate into the wall. In this case, it is possible to design a corrugated iron groove along the wall groove to catch water and discharge it.

Waterproofing ceilings, roof floors, terraces

Similar to walls, ceilings, roofs, terraces can all be coated with waterproofing compounds for waterproofing treatment. However, because the surface of the terrace is horizontal, the amount of water exposed will be relatively large, which needs to be treated thoroughly to protect the ceiling, roof floor, and terrace from leaking. Accordingly, the most commonly used methods of waterproofing ceilings, roof floors and terraces today include:

- Asphalt waterproofing: Asphalt is a compound with high adhesion and excellent water resistance. On the other hand, it also seals cracks and crevices (the cause of leaks).

Before applying asphalt, the construction surface must be cleaned. After cleaning, it is recommended to add a layer of cement mortar or brick to ensure good waterproofing effect as well as increase the aesthetics of the structure in general.

- Use waterproof membrane: The waterproof membrane is composed of bitumen - the same function as asphalt. Using this method, the installer will use a torched waterproof membrane to melt and fix the membrane to the surface to be waterproofed.

- PU - Epoxy glue pump: PU - Epoxy glue works to prevent water from seeping through joints and cracks of concrete. This method is applied by injecting glue into the waterlogged position with small cracks from 0.15 to 0.5mm and concrete thickness ≤30cm.

- Waterproofing with a cementitious crystalline layer: The cementitious crystalline layer has the ability to penetrate into concrete and react with the free lime of the concrete to form insoluble crystals. Thanks to that, they will fill the small capillaries, preventing the ingress of water. This waterproofing method is easy to implement but has a limitation that the durability will be reduced if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Waterproofing toilets, bathrooms

There are 4 locations of toilets and bathrooms (bathrooms) that are susceptible to water penetration: technical boxes, pipelines through the ground, base of the wall where the floor and wall meet, and the cement floor of the bathroom. Especially the water pipe is the place most susceptible to water penetration, when waterproofing, it is necessary to carefully check the water pipe system for cracks and water leaks. The method of waterproofing the walls and floor of the bathroom is similar to the method of waterproofing the walls of the house and terrace. Construction workers can use waterproof membranes, bitumen membranes, asphalt, sika compounds, paints, waterproof glue, etc. In addition, use glass mesh to reinforce the inner surface of walls, corners, legs. wall… to increase the waterproofing effect of the building.

Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is similar to the new house wall waterproofing method, which is waterproofing treatment for the basement outer wall and the basement inner wall, specifically:

- Waterproofing treatment of basement exterior walls: This is the recommended method because it is basically a forward waterproofing solution. Usually, people use waterproofing membranes or waterproofing mortars that can withstand high water pressure for basement walls.

For areas with high settlement and geological instability, bitumen membranes should be used. Because this material has high elasticity, it can cover the cracks and gaps created during the use of the building.

- Waterproofing treatment of walls inside the basement: This is basically a reverse waterproofing method (the method indicated when it is not possible to waterproof the walls outside the basement). With this method, construction workers often focus on treating cracks and openings that cause water penetration by coating with oil and waterproof mortar.

- Basement floor waterproofing treatment: For basement floors, bitumen membrane is the recommended material. At the same time, combined with water-resistant tape at the stop circuit and waterproof crystal material in the corners, where it is critical to form a comprehensive cover to ensure that water cannot penetrate inside.

Waterproof solutions

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