Basement waterproofing

SK-Sumo is a reputable, professional, low cost basement waterproofing construction company in Da Nang. With the optimal construction plan, new high-quality waterproofing materials ensure basement waterproofing and comprehensive protection for the best construction.
Basement waterproofing


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Basement waterproofing is a solution of waterproofing from the bottom up, waterproofing underground water from the outside of the wall to the inside. Basement waterproofing includes the following items: waterproofing the bottom floor and basement walls. This is a necessary work in construction engineering, because the basement is the place to lay a solid foundation for the whole project. Therefore, a high-performance basement waterproofing construction solution is always a necessary goal to aim for.

Basement waterproofing


SK-Sumo is the best waterproofing construction company in Đà Nẵng today. With the potential and experience of more than 15 years of operation, we confidently advise and provide the best quality basement waterproofing solutions at the most reasonable cost for customers to choose according to actual requirements. construction.

Accordingly, the construction basement waterproofing solutions provided by SK-Sumo for customers to choose from include:

  • Basement waterproofing solution with Sika
  • Basement waterproofing solution with hot torch membrane
  • Solution for waterproofing basement walls with paint, cleaning solution
  • Solution for basement waterproofing with self-adhesive membrane
  • Solutions for basement waterproofing with specialized chemicals
  • Solution for basement waterproofing by reverse method

If you need advice on basement waterproofing maintenance solutions in Da Nang to ensure high quality technical standards with good competitive prices, please contact our company SK-Sumo for quick advice and support. Fast with the most professional waterproofing service!

Why need basement waterproofing for construction?

Basement is one of the most important foundation structures, so before thinking about other issues inside the house, make sure your basement is built to the fullest, in which, no lack of basement waterproofing. So, why is it necessary to waterproof the basement? Here are the answers for your reference, specifically:

Basement waterproofing helps to better protect the overall structure

The basement is the foundation of a building that can be several dozen stories high, subject to great pressure. Basement leaks can reduce the sustainability of the house, making the house quickly degraded and potentially dangerous for the family if it is not treated with waterproofing in the first place.

Therefore, basement waterproofing is the most effective way to better protect the overall structure of the building, improve its use value and ensure better sustainability and safety for users.

Basement waterproofing helps prevent basement flooding

One of the biggest problems any construction site can face is flooding in the basement. This could be due to a leak in a pipeline or a storm surge. Whatever the cause of the flooding in the basement, the cost of cleaning up and restoring after a flood can be very high.

In particular, if you convert the basement into another room, or use it for storage, the possibility of damage can cost you a lot of money. Basement waterproofing can give you peace of mind in this regard even if there is a risk of flooding.

Basement waterproofing helps save maintenance and repair costs

Where there is water damage, there will be structural damage. Water can corrode wood and steel. Even without flooding, moisture and humidity can be enough to damage basement materials.

The catch is that it's not something you'll see immediately, even if you've been in the basement for a long time, which is unlikely. So by the time you discover the problem, the situation has deteriorated and repair costs will be high. Not only that, any damage to structural elements will inevitably affect other areas of the home, putting your property at risk of significant damage.

Basement waterproofing helps maintain a healthy living environment

In addition to damaging the basement's foundation and materials, damp and stagnant water can lead to mold growth. This can endanger the health of everyone in the family, cause an allergic reaction or cause breathing problems.

Like structural damage, you won't be able to fix this until it's too late. So the basement waterproofing solution will provide many of the precautions that we should think of first.

Basement waterproofing

Causes of basement water seepage in construction works

The causes of basement seepage and flooding are quite diverse, usually this stems from some of the following main causes:

Due to the construction process does not implement waterproofing

During the rough construction of the basement area, the architect who designed the rough waterproofing design lacked experience, low professional knowledge, and did not know the correct waterproofing process. The building was not properly waterproofed from the beginning, leading to leakage and water seepage in the basement area right after it was put into use.

Due to the use of poor quality concrete materials

During the construction process, the quality of concrete is not guaranteed, leading to later seepage. We already know that the nature of concrete is elasticity and expansion, so it is very dense. Capillary phenomenon will not occur if the right technique and materials are used when the correct standards and quantities are used. The phenomenon of seepage can only be caused by the use of poor quality concrete materials in the construction process.

Because the basement waterproofing construction process is not technically correct

The contractor has chosen a basement waterproofing construction unit that does not follow the technical process. Much of this stems from the issue of cost, however, this is an extremely flawed problem for such an important item as the basement of a construction project in general. The improper implementation of the basement waterproofing construction process will not ensure sustainable waterproofing and is easy to damage and re-absorbent after a short time of use.

Due to the geology of the basement construction area

The basement is a work item located underground, subject to the great impact of the underground water circuit and the water supply and drainage system of the building above the whole building, so the current seepage of the wall is difficult to avoid. and the only way to fix it is to take measures to waterproof the basement.

Due to design changes, improper maintenance and repair of basements

One of the causes of water accumulation in the basement is also due to sudden design changes or improper maintenance of basements and buildings. Changing the design structure or improper maintenance and repair can cause the disconnection between the floor circuits connected to the basement wall foundation or at the connection points of the technical pipes running through the momentum. The ballast is open, causing leakage and water infiltration.

Due to the influence of climatic conditions

In addition, another cause of water seepage in the basement is climatic conditions. Vietnam is a country with a humid tropical monsoon climate, with a long wet period, sometimes all year round. High humidity in the air plus a large temperature difference between the four seasons is easy to damage the surface and structure of the material. From there, water can seep into and cause basement leaks in general.

Of course, when there is a basement leak, it is essential to have the best solution to contact a unit specializing in waterproofing for assistance in surveying, assessing the level and quote for treatment. basement waterproofing according to the actual situation of the project.

Basement waterproofing

The best quotation for basement waterproofing construction in Da Nang

Do you need the best quotation for basement waterproofing in Da Nang based on the actual construction items? Please contact SK-Sumo immediately for advice and support, all your needs and requirements will be met by us with professional, fast and cost-effective service.

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