Roof garden solution

SK-Sumo is ready to advise on solutions and cost estimates for garden roof construction in Da Nang, ensuring the best aesthetics and heat resistance. With a team of technicians with expertise and experience in applying new materials, SK-Sumo is confident to bring the most perfect garden roofing solution for you.
Roof garden solution


Construction ensures technical standards, absolute waterproofing effect

Using new waterproofing products, suitable for all projects

Professional construction solutions, maximum cost savings for customers

Long-term warranty policy, ensuring comprehensive protection of the project

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The roof garden is an exterior work used to cover the sun and rain while creating the beauty of the house. Many types of awnings, garden roofs with different designs depending on the purpose of use and the overall architectural structure that you choose. Of course, in order to get a beautiful project as desired, it is extremely necessary to consult the consultants of the roof construction unit in general.

Roof garden solution


SK-Sumo company, besides being a unit specializing in waterproofing construction in Đà Nẵng, we also provide a variety of support services to take care of other construction and industrial projects, including solution consulting services. and construction cost estimates for garden roofs in general. Accordingly, the garden roof construction services provided by SK-Sumo include:

  • Consulting on construction of garden roofs, awnings on request
  • Construction of garden roof with concrete, steel frame, wooden frame
  • Construction of garden roof with heat-resistant corrugated iron
  • Construction of garden roof with tempered glass
  • Construction of garden roofs with polycarbonate plastic sheets
  • Construction of garden roof with canvas

If you need advice on building a garden roof solution in Da Nang to ensure quality technical standards with the best competitive cost, please contact SK-Sumo immediately for advice and support. by the most professional service!

Some of the most popular garden roof projects today

Besides concrete roofs, steel frame roofs, wooden frame roofs, tile roofs, etc. SK-Sumo also provides garden roof construction services with many different designs and materials depending on the actual situation and conditions. Selected customer needs, specifically as follows:

Construction of roof garden with corrugated iron

The solution of roof garden with corrugated iron is usually a type of heat-insulating corrugated iron. They are most commonly used because of their sturdy structure, high durability, suitable for many designs of townhouses, tube houses, ...

Construction of roof garden with corrugated iron ensures the effectiveness of sunshade and rain cover almost completely. Helps minimize the impact of weather for the overall project in the best way. At the same time, corrugated iron roofs are quite easy to construct and save the best costs. However, the solution of corrugated iron roof is often built on an iron frame, so the aesthetics are not high, not suitable for many luxurious or classic housing architectures.

Construction of garden roof with tempered glass

The tempered glass garden roof solution helps to get maximum light, bringing high aesthetics, a new and luxurious design feeling to the overall architecture of the building. In addition, tempered glass materials do not have to be costly to construct, maintain and replace when necessary.

There are many types of garden roofs for customers to choose from depending on the conditions and architecture of the project. However, the cost of constructing a garden roof with tempered glass may be slightly higher than that of other materials.

Construction of garden roofs with polycarbonate plastic sheets

Construction of garden roof with polycarbonate plastic sheet has high durability, strong impact resistance and good fire resistance. Polycarbonate roof solutions are suitable for many different environmental conditions due to their good light absorption, and at the same time, environmentally friendly materials that do not affect the health of users.

Polycarbonate garden roof solutions are very popular because of their flexibility, transparency, good light absorption and much lighter weight than glass or corrugated iron, and the material is relatively affordable. conditions of most customers.

Construction of garden roof with canvas

The solution to cover the garden with canvas brings a simple, light and elegant beauty to the common building. Currently, there are two types of tarpaulin commonly used: stretch tarpaulin and mobile tarpaulin. Regardless of the type, the structure of this type of roof terrace is very simple, can be disassembled and moved easily. Tarpaulins also come in a variety of colors and are less expensive to install than other types of roofing.

The disadvantage of tarpaulin is that it is easy to get dirty and is not as durable as other materials such as corrugated iron, glass or polycarbonate. Users will have to maintain and repair the product more frequently.

Notes when constructing garden roofs in Da Nang

There are quite a few units providing garden roof construction services in Da Nang with many different fees. However, in order to have a beautiful finished product, in accordance with the overall architecture and at the most reasonable cost, people in need need to pay attention to some of the following issues.

Roof garden solution

Pay close attention to the advice of a professional and experienced unit

In fact, each space and different user's conditions will lead to a separate finished product. Therefore, before constructing the garden roof, it is very necessary to consult the survey service and advise on the best solution.

In order to get the right quality garden roof, you should not skip the project consultation and survey stage. Because, through the calculations of professional units, you can easily imagine how the finished product will be, is it safe or not? Many professional and reputable units will also get a preliminary view and detailed construction quotation, minimizing additional costs for you.

Note that the first requirement is the quality of the work

The garden roof solution is not only to decorate the living space but also to cope with the rainy weather, etc. Therefore, the quality requirements need to be guaranteed and put above all in order to have a project. most durable.

To ensure the best quality, from the very beginning, priority should be given to choosing the best frame material, roof type, and size suitable for weather conditions and construction site. Obviously, choosing cheap and poor quality materials is not a priority to ensure the best quality for the project.

Pay attention to choosing a good heat-resistant roofing material

Experience shows that the type of roofing material should be a good waterproof, heat-resistant and windproof material, such as: insulating corrugated iron, tempered glass, polycarbonate plastic sheet, etc. At the same time, the project needs is constructed on a solid frame, preferably a good anti-rust stainless steel alloy frame.

Note to choose the roof color in harmony with the living space

Along with choosing quality materials, color is also a factor to keep in mind. The color of the beautiful garden roof needs to be consistent with feng shui as well as in harmony with the living space (the overall building).

Experience shows that you should choose bright colors for the roof, avoid choosing colors that are too bright or too prominent. Because the color type is too bright or too prominent, there will be many reflections, creating a feeling of heat for the general building.

Notes on technique and safety when constructing garden roofs

Whatever roofing solution you choose, during the installation process, you should also pay attention to technical issues to ensure the quality and long-term stability of the roof in general.

In addition, during the construction process, the issue of labor safety also needs to be enhanced to ensure the fastest construction.

It can be said that the garden roof solution is currently a project that many people are interested in. The construction of a roof garden necessarily depends on the actual conditions and economic ability of each family. However, no matter which type of roof is selected, it is necessary to ensure the quality, safety and aesthetics of the overall architecture of the building.

Roof garden solution

To have the most suitable and cost-effective solution for construction of garden roofs, you can immediately contact our SK-Sumo for the fastest support from architectural experts!

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