Painting concrete floors

SK-Sumo Company specializes in consulting the best solution for painting concrete floors in Da Nang. With the most professionalism, we are ready to meet all requirements for the most optimal plan and cost estimate for concrete floor painting for customers.
Painting concrete floors


Construction ensures technical standards, absolute waterproofing effect

Using new waterproofing products, suitable for all projects

Professional construction solutions, maximum cost savings for customers

Long-term warranty policy, ensuring comprehensive protection of the project

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Currently, there are many contractors for painting concrete floors in Da Nang with many different options for using materials, construction methods and service costs in each place. Of course, what customers want is to cooperate with a professional unit, ready to meet all requirements at the most reasonable cost.

Painting concrete floors


In addition to the strength of being a unit specializing in providing consulting services and estimating waterproofing construction in Da Nang, SK-Sumo is also a unit specializing in the construction of concrete floors for houses and factories. ... with high quality epoxy coating materials with the most competitive price on the market today.

Consulting & painting services for concrete floors in Da Nang for civil works, commercial centers, factories, factories, workshops, etc., provided by SK-Sumo include:

  • Consulting & painting concrete floors with epoxy paint
  • Consulting & painting PU concrete floor with polyurethane paint
  • Consulting & construction of hardener coating for concrete floors
  • Consulting & construction of anti-static vinyl flooring for projects

In particular, SK-Sumo company specializes in the construction of high quality epoxy floor paint suitable for many construction items such as:

  • Construction of oil-based epoxy paint for concrete floors of houses, factories, factories, factories, ...
  • Construction of water-based epoxy paint for concrete floors in areas that need to be highly hygienic, basements, etc.
  • Construction of self-leveling epoxy paint for concrete floors that need to be force-bearing such as parking lots, commercial center floors, ...
  • Construction of chemical resistant epoxy paint for concrete floors of pharmaceutical factories, food factories, laboratories, ...
  • Construction of anti-slip epoxy paint for concrete floors, steel structures

The popular concrete floor painting projects constructed by SK-Sumo company include:

  • Paint concrete floors for industrial and civil works
  • Paint concrete floors for factories, mechanical factories, automobile assembly, etc.
  • Paint the concrete floor of fiber, textile, embroidery, dyeing factories
  • Paint the concrete floor of a paper factory, paper packaging, printing factory
  • Paint concrete floors for woodworking factories and furniture
  • Paint the concrete floor of the seafood processing factory
  • Paint concrete floor for plastic recycling factory, plastic packaging
  • Paint concrete floors in basements, warehouses, commercial centers, supermarkets, parking lots

Painting concrete floors is a way to help increase aesthetics, increase load-carrying capacity, anti-wear, waterproof, ... and also help protect the floor of the building effectively with a more optimal cost savings. With many construction options suitable to the actual conditions and requirements of the project, along with a team of experienced staff, modern supporting equipment, the use of high quality specialized construction materials,... SK -Sumo confidently meets all requirements of customers with prestigious service and the most optimal price today.

Do you need to consult and estimate the construction of concrete floors for construction works in the most effective and economical way? Please contact SK-Sumo immediately for our assistance in choosing the best concrete floor paint solution!

Painting concrete floors

Painting concrete floors with epoxy paint

Epoxy paint is made from epoxy compound based on composite resin, with high adhesion and water resistance thanks to the non-ester composite resin base. Concrete floor coating with epoxy paint is a solution using a two-component epoxy coating system, with a combination of polymer resin (component A) and hardener (component B). When the two components are mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions, the epoxy and hardener will react with each other, forming a bonded concrete floor surface with properties that are hard, durable, wear-resistant, and resistant to degradation with a high degree of strength. very good adhesion.

Construction of concrete floors with epoxy paint is popularly done in factories, warehouses, etc., due to the high economy for a seamless concrete floor coating solution. Epoxy floor coating solution has high gloss, anti-slip, anti-dust, anti-stick, high durability, withstands great pressure, ...

The popular types of epoxy paint today include: oil-based epoxy paint, water-based epoxy paint, self-leveling epoxy paint (solvent free), waterproof epoxy paint and anti-static epoxy paint.

- Oil-based epoxy paint: It is a solvent-based epoxy paint with 2 components formed from an oil-based system. This is a type of concrete floor paint often used for factories and industrial factories because of its high stability and good protection of the concrete foundation structure.

- Water-based epoxy paint: It is a type of paint with 2 components including: water-based epoxy primer and water-based epoxy coating. As a paint used to paint directly on many architectural surfaces such as concrete, metal or alloy, with the ability to protect and strengthen the sustainable bond for concrete floor surfaces. Water-based epoxy paint is used for areas where concrete floors are prone to water penetration or high humidity.

- Self-leveling epoxy paint: It is a solvent-free industrial coating with 2 main components: coating (A) and curing (B). Extracted from epoxy beads and chemical additives, the process of mixing two components A and B does not use solvents and paints work on the principle of surface self-balancing. This is a common paint used for concrete floors, walls and other construction works.

- Waterproof epoxy paint: Waterproof epoxy paint also has two components A and B. Component A contains small color particles, solvents and additives, etc. Component B contains curing agent to help the paint harden. This is a coating with a main component of polyurethane. It is a water-insoluble compound with near perfect adhesion to all types of concrete floors. Waterproof epoxy paint is used a lot in projects that need waterproofing for entrances, long-term protection of works. The most commonly used constructions are concrete floors for swimming pools, basements for parking lots or sports fields, chemical tanks, etc.

- Anti-static epoxy paint: Anti-static epoxy paint is a system of high-resistance paint products combined with copper conductors to ground the product. This helps control static electricity on the concrete floor surface after application. Anti-static epoxy coating is favored by many electronic equipment manufacturers because of its anti-static ability as well as the safe environment for humans.

Advantages when applying epoxy paint for concrete floors

Construction of epoxy paint for concrete floors in general construction projects has many specific advantages as follows:

  • Applying epoxy paint for concrete floors helps prevent mold, dirt, ... making it easy to clean, preventing moldy odors that are harmful to health
  • Non-toxic, odorless epoxy paint makes regular use of concrete floors safer.
  • Epoxy paint for concrete floors helps to increase the ability to limit UV rays, withstand all weather, ... thereby helping the construction to be more durable and less damaged.
  • The concrete floor is painted with epoxy with high gloss and flatness, good reflective ability, making the building become cleaner, brighter and more aesthetic.
  • Epoxy coated concrete floors have higher rigidity, better load resistance, less wear and tear and perfect slip resistance than other types of flooring.
  • Epoxy paint for concrete floors makes it easy to clean, helping to save maximum maintenance and repair costs. At the same time, increase the aesthetics for the overall project.

Painting concrete floors

The best quote for painting concrete floors in Da Nang

You need the best quotation for painting concrete floors in Da Nang based on the actual construction work items? Please contact SK-Sumo company immediately for advice and support, all your needs and requirements will be met by us with the fastest and most professional service.

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