Reverse waterproofing

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Reverse waterproofing


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Many construction projects today often use waterproofing measures to protect structural items from the ingress of various moisture sources. In particular, the reverse waterproofing solution is very popular because of its outstanding features and best waterproofing ability.

It can be said that reverse waterproofing treatment is one of the measures to help prevent water from entering to ensure better structure and durability for the building. However, it is essential to work with a professional waterproofing unit, with expertise and experience to get the best results.

Reverse waterproofing


Currently, SK-Sumo company is one of the best units specializing in waterproof in Da Nang. With professional capacity and more than 15 years of experience in the waterproofing field, SK-Sumo is committed to providing customers with the most effective and cost-effective reverse waterproofing solution according to the actual requirements of the industry. for customers to choose from.

Currently, SK-Sumo provides many solutions for reverse waterproofing suitable to the conditions and requirements of the project for customers to choose from such as:

  • Reverse waterproofing treatment with Sika
  • Reverse waterproofing treatment with specialized paint
  • Reverse waterproofing treatment with waterproof glue
  • Reverse waterproofing treatment with a torch waterproof membrane
  • Inc reverse waterproofing treatment
  • Reverse waterproofing treatment with putty and waterproofing additives

If you need advice on reverse waterproofing maintenance solutions in Da Nang to ensure high quality technical standards with good competitive prices, please contact SK-Sumo immediately for advice and quick support by The most professional waterproofing service

What is reverse waterproofing for buildings?

Reverse waterproofing for construction works is a solution to waterproofing the inside of the building (the side that is not in direct contact with the source of water seepage). In other words, reverse waterproofing is the way that the waterproofing contractor is in the opposite direction to the source of the seepage. This option helps the waterproof surface to not be stagnant water and prevents capillary phenomenon inside the structure of the building.

When the protective layer, waterproofing outside the building (forward waterproofing) cannot prevent water from seeping into the wall, surface... then reverse waterproofing will be the best solution to reduce water pressure, avoid peeling walls, The building deteriorated rapidly due to water infiltration.

Reverse waterproofing

Causes of reverse seepage

The phenomenon of reverse water seepage at construction sites mainly originates from a number of basic causes as follows:

  • Due to water or moisture penetrating through the capillaries in concrete structures, brick wall structures.
  • Due to heavy rain, rainwater penetrates from the outer wall through the inner wall.
  • Due to the high humidity environment, water condensation on the wall for a long time causes mold, leakage and water infiltration.
  • The process of building the wall foundation does not ensure the technical process, not using enough cement mortar when building, leading to a large gap between bricks, creating conditions for water to penetrate quickly and deeply into the wall.

Cases where it is necessary to take measures for reverse waterproofing for specific works such as:

  • Permeation of walls due to water entering between 2 adjacent houses
  • Swimming pools, underground tanks, underground floors, gardens are at risk of seepage due to external groundwater sources
  • The wall is cracked or is too old and there is a phenomenon of water seepage from the outside to the inside

What type of material is used for reverse waterproofing?

Currently on the market there are many types of waterproofing materials, but not all materials are suitable for use in reverse waterproofing works. Because reverse waterproofing is the basic method under the influence of very large water pressure, it requires high grip and durability. Therefore, there should be certain attention when choosing materials and construction units for reverse waterproofing.

Here are some common materials used to construct highly effective reverse waterproofing, such as:

  • Reverse waterproof with Sika material
  • Dulux reverse waterproofing paint
  • Epoxy reverse waterproofing material
  • New bitumen heating membrane
  • Waterproofing additives, putty and waterproof cement
  • Sweep PE (Poly-urethane) based waterproofing solution

The reverse waterproofing construction method is an effective method with many outstanding advantages. However, during the construction process, this method should be combined with favorable waterproofing to achieve the best waterproofing effect. Special attention must be paid to choosing a reputable unit, so that the waterproofing work takes place more thoroughly.

The best method of reverse waterproof with Sika specialized

Reverse waterproofing with specialized Sika is one of the highly appreciated methods. Sika is an effective reverse repellent with the best adhesion compared to other products.

In fact, Sika is the first choice if you want to waterproof or use it as an additive in the mortar to create the best adhesion. Sika waterproofing material has excellent performance and is recommended by leading waterproofing experts.

The method of reverse waterproofing by Sika is performed according to the following specific steps:

Step 1: Prepare support tools and waterproofing materials

  • Prepare specialized reverse waterproofing material Sika Latex
  • Prepare supporting tools: chemical spray pumps, drills, construction cleaning equipment, etc.
  • Prepare manpower with technical expertise for construction

Step 2: Clean the construction surface

  • Quickly remove the outer shell, chisel concrete to create good grip
  • Clean cracks, remove defective concrete
  • Remove obstacles and clean the work surface area to perform.

Step 3: Construction of reverse waterproofing

  • Fix drain pipes with mortar
  • Start applying a reverse waterproofing layer to the surface
  • After 3 hours enough for the waterproofing layer to dry, continue to use Sika waterproofing chemicals by covering the surface with 2-3 layers of Sika (This step is fast or slow depending on the drying speed of each layer of Sika. different waiting times).

After completing the reverse waterproofing with Sika, the construction unit needs to carry out reinforcement measures, complete the paving and conduct a test with water for final inspection before handing over the work.

Reverse waterproofing

The best quote for reverse waterproofing in Da Nang

Do you need the best quote for reverse waterproof in Da Nang based on the actual construction items? Please contact SK-Sumo immediately for advice and support, all your needs and requirements will be met by us with professional, fast and cost-effective service.

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