Insulation solutions

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Insulation solutions


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Using insulation materials for construction works is quite popular today, this is one of the effective solutions to help regulate the temperature of building structures such as houses, factories, and at the same time, help keep the temperature cool. thermostats for some industrial machines, etc. Of course, what most customers want is a suitable and highly effective insulation solution besides the most optimal cost.

Insulation solutions


SK-Sumo Company is a unit specializing in consulting, estimating and constructing insulation in Đà Nẵng, we are ready to provide superior insulation solutions for all construction projects with the most economical cost. We specialize in consulting and designing comprehensive insulation solutions for construction projects. In particular, SK-Sumo company specializes in receiving package insulation construction, quality assurance, good price in Da Nang.

Insulation works performed by SK-Sumo include:

  • Construction of insulation of corrugated iron roof, tile roof, plastic roof
  • Construction of ceiling insulation
  • Construction of house wall insulation, panel wall
  • Construction of insulation of greenhouses, glass doors
  • Construction of industrial pipe insulation
  • Construction of boiler insulation

As a unit specializing in thermal insulation and construction solutions in Da Nang, SK-Sumo confidently offers customers many suitable options with professional service and the most reasonable cost.

Possessing a team of highly skilled and experienced staff and technicians along with modern equipment and technology for insulation, SK-Sumo is 100% committed to quality insulation projects. benevolent. Many types of insulation materials are used in accordance with each project item and according to customer requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Insulation solutions

Why is it necessary to install insulation for the project?

Construction of insulation for a building is generally a process of using specialized insulation materials, along with a method of strictly following the process to prevent (or minimize) the temperature situation inside the building. The process is subject to fluctuations due to the influence of weather or the operation process (for industrial machine systems).

Accordingly, the current popular solution is insulation against heat for construction works in general. In addition, there are less common cold insulation solutions. This is also due to the hot and humid tropical climate of our country. Here are some reasons to do for construction work, specifically:

- Helps keep the temperature stable: Insulation solutions help keep the temperature inside the building stable, not changing with the outside temperature. Specifically in the cold season, the warm air inside the house is neither lost nor penetrated by the cold air outside. In contrast, in the summer, hot air from outside cannot enter the house.

- Helps to ensure better health: Insulation keeps the house ventilated, cool in summer and warm in winter, ensuring health and reducing the risk of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, etc. … Obviously, living and working in a well-ventilated environment, not too cold or too hot, will make everyone more comfortable and comfortable, thereby ensuring higher health and productivity.

- Better sound insulation: Ordinary insulation materials have good soundproofing properties, therefore, heat insulation construction will also help reduce the noise level inside the building to 40-50 from the outside environment. %, helping a better living and working environment.

- Helps save energy: With the space in the room being too hot (or too cold), the need to use cooling devices (or heaters) is very large, and when using these devices, the amount of energy consumed consumption will increase. Therefore, the insulation construction solution will help save a lot of electricity consumption.

- Helps increase the durability of construction works: Insulation solutions play a very useful role in protecting constructions against damaging agents from the environment in general. Thereby, helping to increase the durability of construction works is undeniable.

What types of insulation materials are commonly used today?

- Glass wool: Glass wool is composed of glass fibers, composed of aluminum, metal oxides and calcium silicates... With heat resistance up to 350oC, glass wool has the ability to insulate more than 95% of heat. In addition, this material also has the advantages of sound insulation and good elasticity, smoothness and ease of construction, good limitation of fire and explosion problems because it is difficult to catch fire. In particular, glass wool is a material that does not contain asbestos compounds that cause lung cancer, so it is very safe for health.

Glass wool is widely used for insulation in air conditioning, ventilation, cold storage insulation systems, etc. In addition, this is also a good soundproofing material, so it is used in many places. karaoke bar, tea room, bar, beer club…

- Ceramic Cotton: In addition to thermal insulation, ceramic cotton is also fire resistant and very durable in contact with chemicals (except for strong alkaline solutions and some acids). Ceramic Cotton has a silica fibrous sandstone structure (alumino silicon dioxide) with fire resistance at temperatures up to 1800oC.

Ceramic cotton is used for insulation in boiler door systems, boilers, heat pipes or fire protection in industry or buildings.

- Rockwool mineral wool: Rockwool mineral wool is made from molten rock ore and centrifuged into fibers. The material is heat resistant up to 850oC. This material is used for heat, sound and fire insulation, and is resistant to decomposition and microbial reactions. The composition of Rockwool mineral wool also does not contain asbestos and other harmful compounds. Rockwool mineral wool is used in industrial insulation systems, buildings, factories, ...

- Polyester Cotton: This is a good, non-combustible insulation material, so it is used in fire protection applications. They are odorless, do not generate dust and are safe for human health. Polyester cotton is used for popular insulation in houses, buildings, apartments, in insulation of hot and cold air pipelines...

- XPS insulation board: Is a very good insulation, soundproofing, electrical insulation and moisture-proof material, with a common thickness of 15-18mm. XPS insulation board is often used for ceiling or floor lining in residential buildings or industrial cold storage.

- Insulation paint: Unlike other solid materials, insulation paint exists in liquid form, is a specialized material with reflective components, crystalline structure in the form of layers, between layers there is a space between layers. way. This creates the ability to insulate, reflect, cool the house, prevent mold, rust, etc. Normally, insulation paint is commonly used in the category of corrugated iron roofs of houses and other civil works.

- Insulation airbag: Is a form of polyethylene plastic sheet with the bags connected together. The surface is aluminum foil to help insulate, soundproof and prevent heat radiation. The material is aesthetically pleasing, light in weight, harmless to health, and impervious to water, so it doesn't change the insulation. Insulated air bags are often used in food packaging, canned goods, electronics, etc.

- Insulation PU corrugated iron: Is a kind of insulating corrugated iron material used to make roofs with the ability to block ultraviolet rays, reflect solar heat radiation, and prevent and resist thermal shock well. Insulated PU corrugated iron is used as roofs, roofs for other constructions.

- Insulation cement board: This material is divided into 2 types based on structure including: cellulose fiber or wood chips. In addition to good heat resistance, they also help to make walls, ceilings or floors strong, have good fire resistance and are not damaged by termites. Insulation cement panels are often used to make wall, ceiling or floor panels, heat-resistant partitions, etc.

- Insulation stainless steel panel: Is an insulating material with 3 layers, the outer 2 layers are 304 or 201 stainless steel, the middle layer is PU insulation. The thickness of the insulating stainless steel sheet is varied from 50mm to 200mm, which optimizes heat insulation, durability and very good surface oxidation resistance. Insulated stainless steel panels are often used to insulate ceilings, walls in cold storage, coolers or dryers in food factories, etc.

Insulation solutions

Quotation for package insulation construction in Da Nang

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