Treatment concrete structures

SK-Sumo Company specializes in consulting solutions to quickly overcome problems of concrete structures, providing long-term warranty. In particular, we specialize in accepting construction contractors to handle cracking of concrete structures in Da Nang, ensuring quality standards with the most reasonable cost.
Treatment concrete structures


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Crack treatment of concrete structures is the process of performing many jobs to fix problems, the condition of cracked and broken concrete. Troubleshooting of concrete structures requires compliance with certain procedures and techniques in order to return the concrete structural block to the best state as it was when it was first built, minimizing rapid deterioration as well as possible damage. bad consequences caused by concrete cracking.

Treatment concrete structures


SK-Sumo is a unit specializing in consulting solutions and construction estimates for cracking concrete structures in Đà Nẵng. With modern technology, complete equipment and a team of qualified and experienced personnel to fix concrete cracks in construction works, SK-Sumo is ready to support you in any case. with the most professional service.

SK-Sumo's popular cracked concrete solutions include:

  • Treatment of cracks in concrete structures with epoxy paint
  • Crack treatment of concrete structures by slotting and filling options
  • Crack treatment of concrete structures by gravity filling method
  • Treatment of drilling and plugging cracks of concrete structures
  • Crack treatment of concrete floor structure
  • Treatment of cracks caused by damage to concrete structures
  • Concrete treatment with honeycomb
  • Handling cracks in bare concrete structures, cracks in the walls of building houses

When your construction project has problems related to concrete structure cracks that need to be repaired quickly, please contact our SK-Sumo immediately for the best advice and support!

Why is it necessary to handle cracking of concrete structures?

Concrete structural cracking is a visible phenomenon with the concrete surface having lines or grooves cracked, causing damage to the overall structure of the building. In fact, the cracks of concrete structures are not uniform in size, orientation and depth. However, if left for a long time and not repaired, these cracks will develop and cause unpredictable dangerous consequences.

Cracking of concrete structures is the cause that directly affects the durability and service life of the works. With serious consequences, it may cause the collapse of the structure in the future, seriously affecting the safety of users' lives. Therefore, troubleshooting of cracked concrete structures should be done as soon as possible.

Of course, in the process of dealing with the breakdown of concrete structures, it is necessary to follow the correct process, using specialized materials with the support of modern technology and equipment. ensure maximum remedial efficiency, ensure safety and thoroughly handle the problem.

Treatment concrete structures

Causes of cracks in concrete structures in construction works

According to the expertise and experience of a unit that has many years of experience in handling concrete cracks in Da Nang, SK-Sumo summarizes a number of common causes of damage and cracks in concrete structures. Specifically include:

Cracking of concrete structure due to plastic shrinkage

Cracking of concrete structures due to plastic shrinkage usually occurs on fresh concrete surfaces upon completion or shortly after completion (before the concrete has set). Plastic shrinkage cracks often appear randomly with no obvious direction.

This type of cracking of concrete due to plastic shrinkage usually occurs when the rate of water evaporation from the surface exceeds the rate of water evaporation from the inside of the concrete to the surface, causing the concrete structure to shrink locally. This process creates an internal stress in the concrete, and if this internal stress exceeds the tensile stress of the concrete (usually very low when first concrete is poured), cracks will appear. Concrete structures with large horizontal surfaces, such as floors, are often prone to cracking due to plastic shrinkage.

Cracking of concrete structure due to dry shrinkage

After the concrete has set (fully cured), dry shrinkage can last for weeks or months before it actually ends. Causes of dry shrinkage (also known as hydration shrinkage) include:

  • Cement hydration with water
  • Moisture evaporation occurs on the concrete surface

The width of the cracks due to dry shrinkage is in the range of 0.3-1mm, depending on the concrete mix, the type of aggregate used, the water-cement ratio and the drying rate of the concrete.

Cracking of concrete structures due to heat

Thermal cracking of concrete structures occurs due to large temperature differences between different locations in the concrete block. This often happens with large pours due to the increased temperature during the hydration of the cement, especially in the center of the pour, where the temperature rise is very high.

As concrete undergoes thermal equilibrium (heat transfer), internal stresses develop as regions of high temperature contract more than regions of lower temperature. If this internal stress exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, cracks will appear. Large concrete items such as foundations, trusses, and large columns can develop heat cracks.

Cracking of concrete structure due to construction design

The breakdown of concrete structures due to incorrect calculations during the design and construction process causes the load to exceed the bearing capacity of the concrete, leading to cracking or even collapse of the building.

Cracking of concrete structure caused by materials

In this case, there are two ways that the concrete structure can be cracked. The first is that the concrete itself contains incompatible aggregates or cement (improper mixing ratio). The second is that the materials are mixed unevenly during the construction process or the holes left in the concrete pouring process, etc. will cause cracking of the concrete structure.

Cracking of concrete structures due to subsidence

Cracking of concrete structures due to foundation subsidence is a very serious situation. This can be the result of poor foundation treatment or soil erosion, etc.

Cracking of concrete structure due to time factor

The breakdown of concrete structures due to the time factor often occurs when the concrete containing the reinforcement is wet and exposed to oxygen, causing corrosion and cracking of the concrete structure. The reason for this problem is that water seeps into the small cracks in the concrete surface, then comes into contact with the reinforcement and causes rust. Over time, rust expands and deforms, breaking down the structure, causing cracks in the concrete.

Cracking of concrete structure due to external force

Cracking of concrete structure caused by external force can be caused by natural causes such as earthquake, seismic or man-made (during drilling construction or during geological survey around the construction site). submit). Cracking of concrete structures caused by external forces is often unpredictable and happens very quickly, if not handled in time, it will be even more dangerous.

Treatment concrete structures

The most common concrete structure cracking solution

In order to prevent incidents that cause cracking of concrete structures at construction sites, we can apply the following two groups of solutions:

Group of solutions to prevent cracking of concrete structures

This is a group of solutions that should be prioritized to implement, because preventing incidents that cause damage to concrete structures is a good thing to do and is very important to protect and ensure the best safety for the project. Accordingly, it is necessary to pay attention to the following options:

  • Avoid pouring concrete structures that exceed the original design load
  • Pay attention to the construction of the foundation to ensure technical standards, minimize the phenomenon of subsidence, unstable foundation
  • Use appropriate aggregates, properly graded during construction
  • There is a process to periodically check, monitor and maintain concrete structures

A group of popular concrete structure cracking solutions

The solution to effectively deal with cracks in concrete structures is to survey, evaluate the current status and offer appropriate treatment methods before the construction to fix the problem. At the same time, the process of dealing with cracks in concrete structures also needs to consider factors such as: Width and depth of cracks, equipment and type of epoxy glue used,... Accordingly, there are currently 3 Common solutions for cracking concrete structures for construction works today include:

- Solution for cracking concrete structure by pressure pump (Applicable to concrete structures with thickness >30cm): Pump epoxy glue into cracks by high pressure pump. This solution is highly effective for cracks with a width of more than 0.5mm, and a crack width of 0.15 - 0.5mm (common cracks), after applying epoxy glue, water stains may recur. . This is because the small crack when applying high pressure epoxy glue has not been able to penetrate to the full depth because the crack is too narrow.

- Solution for cracking concrete structure by cylinder (Applicable to concrete structure with thickness ≤30cm): It is a solution to use cylinder system (without pump) to inject glue into cracks with low pressure, The glue can penetrate later into the cracks with a width of 0.15 - 1mm.

- Solution for cutting concrete surface in V shape: Cracks on concrete structure surface are chiseled in V shape and epoxy glue is applied to help fix the problem. This method still cracks again because the adhesion cross section between the two edges of the small crack, when the temperature changes, the concrete will expand and cause the concrete crack to reappear.

Treatment concrete structures

Quotation for construction and troubleshooting of concrete structure packages in Da Nang

Do you need the best quotation for the best solution of damage to concrete structures in Da Nang based on the actual construction work items? Please contact SK-Sumo company immediately for advice and support, all your needs and requirements will be met by us with the fastest and most professional service.

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