Wall waterproofing

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Wall waterproofing


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Wall waterproofing is one of the important items when building a house to ensure its durability and long life. Wall waterproofing is a popular waterproofing method for the outside or inside of the building's walls to protect the entire building from environmental influences that cause water to seep in. Because of the importance of the location of the wall, having a specific waterproofing plan to bring the best effect from a unit specializing in wall waterproofing is essential.

Wall waterproofing


SK-Sumo is the best waterproofing construction company in Da Nang today. With the potential and experience of more than 15 years in the field of waterproofing, we are confident in our commitment to providing our customers with the most optimal home wall waterproofing solution at the most reasonable cost based on the actual requirements of the industry. for customers to choose from.

Currently, SK-Sumo provides many waterproofing solutions suitable to the conditions and requirements of the project for customers to choose from, such as:

  • Solution for waterproofing the walls of the house with Sika
  • Solutions for waterproofing walls with specialized paints
  • Solution for waterproofing walls with waterproof glue
  • Solution for wall waterproofing with waterproofing additives
  • Treatment of wall waterproofing on request

If you need advice on waterproofing maintenance solutions in Đà Nẵng to ensure high quality technical standards with good competitive prices, please contact our company SK-Sumo for quick advice and support. with the most professional waterproofing service!

Wall waterproofing

Causes of house wall water seepage

The common phenomenon of wall water seepage originates from the following basic causes:

Caused by weather effects

Our country has a distinct tropical monsoon climate, with hot weather, high humidity, high rainfall, and a large temperature difference between the four seasons. This is the cause of persistent swelling, damage to the surface and structure of building materials, causing wall cracking, promoting infiltration, moisture absorption from the wall foundation and floor, ceiling...

The reason is due to the use of poor quality wall construction materials

When building, poor quality materials can make the concrete wall structure unstable and not durable. Vulnerable to weather and climate, quickly degraded and damaged. Accordingly, poor quality materials will be favorable conditions for agents, especially water to cause leaks and damage to wall structures.

The reason is that the construction process of the wall is not technically correct

The wall construction material (cement concrete) is elastic in nature and expands to increase strength. If the mixing process is not technically correct, it will lead to easy cracking of the wall. Therefore, improper construction techniques can create conditions for rainwater or domestic water to penetrate, causing damage and deterioration to the walls of the house. In addition, the construction of houses on weak foundations leads to rapid subsidence, imbalance and cracking of walls.

The reason is that the wall of the house is not waterproofed

One reason leading to the situation of walls being waterlogged is due to not implementing waterproofing solutions during the construction process. This makes the wall can be quickly absorbed by water through the capillaries for a long time, causing the wall to degrade, crack and lose the beauty of the building.

Toilets are not waterproof materials and frequent contact with water can cause water leakage, damage to equipment and other structural parts in the house, especially the walls.

Why is it necessary to waterproof the wall of the house?

Walls, especially the outer wall, are often splashed by rain water, over time the surface will be corroded and seeped, so waterproofing the wall is especially important. Failure to do this well will cause many consequences such as:

  • The walls of the house quickly degraded, peeled, cracked concrete. This is a warning sign that your building is seriously degraded and contains unpredictable potential unsafe hazards.
  • The overall construction has lost its aesthetic appeal. Accordingly, the water infiltration leads to cracks, yellowing, and even moss on the walls of the house, making the overall building lose its inherent beauty.
  • Mold on the walls of the house is harmful to health. The humid environment for a long time is a favorable condition for mold and bacteria to multiply, causing respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, skin fungus, etc.
  • Waterproof walls pose a potential fire hazard. In particular, wall-mounted electrical equipment is considered to be easily damaged when exposed to water for a long time, prone to fire, as well as reducing the durability of electronic devices such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc...

Wall waterproofing

Basic home wall waterproofing solutions today

House walls, especially outer walls, are often washed away by rain water, causing corrosion, water infiltration and mold. If for a long time and not handled properly, it will lead to rapid deterioration of the building, above all can cause fire, explosion, electric shock and other unpredictable accidents. Therefore, wall waterproofing is an urgent issue that needs to be done in the right way to ensure a better construction. Accordingly, the basic wall waterproofing solutions that can be implemented today include:

New house wall waterproofing

If the wall is under construction, it is best to implement a waterproofing solution from the very beginning. To do this, ensure the following:

- Regarding construction techniques:

  • Studying the hydro-climate characteristics and together with the architectural design team came up with a plan of the scientist's premises, maximum wall waterproofing.
  • The roof is designed with a reasonable slope to avoid rainwater affecting the wall.
  • Should build wall size 20 (wall thickness 200-220 mm). Walls that are too thin are prone to cracking and water infiltration.
  • Request the construction unit to construct the wall in accordance with the process. When painting the walls inside and outside the house, it is necessary to plaster and waterproof

- About building materials:

  • Use the right type of wall tiles to ensure quality. Solid bricks are more waterproof than hollow bricks. In addition, on the market, there are some types of building bricks with very good waterproofing and insulation properties such as ACC autoclaved aerated concrete bricks.
  • Use waterproof paint instead of regular house paint.
  • Apply waterproofing admixtures to concrete to stabilize the structure, prevent cracking and water penetration.

Old house wall waterproofing

For old house walls with water seepage, concrete peeling, etc., waterproofing solutions for old house walls can be done by the following options:

- Cleaning and regenerating the walls of the house:

Thoroughly remove peeling paint, i.e. weakly bonded grout, with a wire brush or a special brush. then fill the cracks with glue or specialized cement.

If the wall is severely degraded, the old mortar layer must be scraped off and replaced with a new layer of mortar mixed with waterproofing agent. Cleaning and repainting the wall will help create the best surface for waterproofing and prevent standing water.

- Newly painted the wall of the house:

This is a quick and effective waterproofing method for walls that are not too degraded. Basically, waterproof paint is a chemical compound that works to create a membrane to protect the wall of the house from water penetration from external agents.

- Pump to spray waterproof solution into the wall:

Divide the wall into several rows, drill each hole one by one and then inject the waterproofing solution inside the wall. Or you can spray the waterproofing solution onto the cleaned wall. Spraying the solution needs to be done several times, 3 to 5 hours apart. After 24 hours, the solution penetrates the wall and coats the outside with a layer of waterproof paint.

Waterproofing of adjoining house openings:

Between the walls of adjacent houses there are often gaps for rainwater to collect and seep into the walls. In this case, it is possible to design a corrugated iron groove along the wall groove to catch water and discharge it.

Wall waterproofing

The best quotation for wall waterproofing construction in Da Nang

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