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SK-Sumo Company - A unit specializing in waterproofing consulting and maintenance of constructions, providing waterproofing solutions for houses, apartment waterproofing projects, apartment waterproofing, villas, villas, etc... professional in Da Nang.

SK-Sumo Company specializes in the most optimal package waterproofing consulting and cost estimation services in Da Nang. With SK-Sumo, customers always have the choice of a suitable waterproofing plan with the best price.

Construction waterproofing is currently being studied by many investors, according to which, there are many necessary work items that must be completely and thoroughly waterproofed. However, the selection of methods, types of materials, how to perform waterproofing to suit the characteristics and requirements of each specific work item in order to achieve good efficiency and save costs. Especially the problem is not simple. Don't worry, call SK-Sumo right away so we can advise you!

Consult & Maintence


As a professional waterproofing unit and many years of experience, SK-Sumo is ready to advise on the most suitable waterproofing plan based on the actual condition and requirements of the structure. Besides consulting services, SK-Sumo also prepares the most suitable cost estimate for waterproofing packages in Da Nang on the basis of maximum savings for customers.

SK-Sumo specializes in consulting solutions and estimating waterproofing costs for many specific construction items such as:

  • Consulting on plans and making cost estimates for wall waterproofing
  • Consulting plan and cost estimation for roof floor waterproofing
  • Consulting plans and estimating the cost of waterproofing terraces and balconies
  • Consulting on plans and making cost estimates for basement waterproofing
  • Consulting plans and making cost estimates for waterproofing bathrooms, toilets
  • Consulting on plans and making cost estimates for waterproofing swimming pools and water tanks

To get a detailed waterproofing quote, SK-Sumo company will conduct an actual survey of the items that need to be constructed, then organize a consultation and estimate the best package waterproofing cost for you. client.

Consult & Maintence

The process of consulting services & costing for waterproofing SK-Sumo

As a professional waterproofing service provider in Da Nang, SK-Sumo always consults and estimates waterproofing costs for all projects as required with the specific process including the following steps:

Step 1: Receive information requesting advice on the waterproofing plan of the customer.

Step 2: Consult and record relevant basic issues, capture information and send technical experts to survey the actual status of the works.

Step 3: Consulting to propose the most suitable waterproofing construction solution, then send a detailed quote for each item that needs specific waterproofing for customers' reference.

Step 4: After agreeing on the plan, cost and signing the contract. SK-Sumo will process and complete the waterproofing work for the project as agreed, hand over on schedule, and ensure the quality of the work according to the terms of the contract.

Step 5: After completing the construction, SK-Sumo organizes testing, supervision and inspection and conducts acceptance test and hands over the satisfactory waterproofing project to the customer. Make payment, close the contract.

Advantages when implementing waterproofing for construction works

- Waterproofing helps to provide more comprehensive protection for the building against harmful agents caused by heavy rain, high humidity, etc. Water can penetrate through materials and structural details, causing rapid deterioration. , damage, structural damage and above all, does not guarantee the safety of the user.

- In addition to preventing water penetration, the waterproofing construction also helps the building to be better protected, increasing its durability and solidity.

- Construction works are waterproofed with good load-bearing properties, less affected by physical agents from the environment such as sun, rain, temperature, wind, etc., helping to improve the quality and efficiency of use. better use.

- Waterproof construction helps to save maintenance and repair costs for the building after a period of time when it is put into use.

- Performing waterproofing helps to add value to your home. Waterproofing will prevent the growth of mold, moisture and moreover, seepage, all of which are harmful agents to the interior of the house, helping to keep the inherent value of the furniture in your home.

Consult & Maintence

Quotation for waterproofing construction works for reference

SK-Sumo will provide a detailed cost estimate after the survey, below is a quotation for waterproofing construction items for reference only (the quotation does not include waterproofing materials), specifically:



Handling cracks, expansion joints, settlement joints, capillary cracks in concrete floors

≥ 180,000

Wall waterproofing treatment

≥ 160,000

Waterproofing treatment of roof floor, concrete floor (old method)

≥ 260,000

Waterproofing treatment of roof floors, concrete floors (modern methods)

≥ 155,000

Waterproof treatment of balconies, basements, elevators, toilet floors

≥ 200,000

Waterproof treatment of swimming pools, water tanks

≥ 190,000

Comprehensive waterproofing services (toilet, kitchen, water tank, lavabo, water pipes, ...)​

≥ 370,000

Full house wall waterproofing

Quotation survey

Waterproofing swimming pool, water tank package

Quotation survey

Waterproofing old toilet, old bathroom package

≥ 2,300,000

Basement floor waterproofing (cement-based membrane)​

≥ 105,000

Basement floor waterproofing (PU membrane, Sika Plastic)​

≥ 225,000

Basement basement waterproofing (Bitium-based torch membrane, Sika Bituseal)​

≥ 190,000

Waterproofing swimming pools, water tanks with sika and additives

≥ 2,650,000

Waterproofing swimming pools, water tanks with composite

≥ 1,250,000

* Note: The quotation is for reference only, for the most accurate waterproofing service quote according to the actual work, please contact the SK-Sumo hotline for advice and support.


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With the goal of building professional consulting, maintenance & waterproofing construction services, SK-Sumo has been and is a reliable choice of customers.
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SK-Sumo waterproofing consulting, maintenance & construction services, in addition to focusing on quality, also promote professionalism, quick construction, and on schedule.
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SK-Sumo with professional and quality criteria, we always invest in upgrading work processes, thereby minimizing costs and improving service quality.
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With the motto "All for the benefit of customers", SK-Sumo always strives to minimize costs in order to popularize waterproofing services to everyone.
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