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Da Nang, one of the major cities of Vietnam, is located in the land of tropical monsoon climate. With such weather and climate situation, waterproofing for constructions becomes an urgent issue. Waterproof paint is an effective solution to protect buildings against the effects of rain and moisture. Da Nang currently has many distributors ready to provide the best waterproof paints to meet the needs of contractors and investors.


Acrylic resin waterproof paint

Acrylic plastic waterproof paint is one of the popular and widely used paints for exterior works in Da Nang. The characteristics of this paint are good water resistance and high waterproofing ability. Acrylic resin waterproofing paints are usually UV resistant and mildew resistant, helping to protect the surface and prolong the life of the building. In addition, this paint is also resistant to weather changes and sunlight, making the paint layer durable and providing good protection for the building.

Silicone waterproof paint

Silicone waterproof paint is a type of paint whose main component is silicone, known for its good waterproofing ability and high durability. With its waterproof and waterproof properties, silicone waterproof paint is often used for works with special requirements such as areas in direct contact with water such as swimming pools, bathing areas, public toilets and public toilets. protect other structures from water infiltration.


Epoxy waterproof paint

Epoxy waterproof paint is a special paint used for interiors, especially areas that come into contact with water such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Epoxy coatings have excellent waterproofing properties and resistance to harsh chemicals, helping to protect surfaces from mildew and water effects. At the same time, this paint also provides a beautiful glossy surface, easy to clean and antibacterial.

Polyurethane waterproof paint

Polyurethane waterproof paint is a paint widely used in interior works in Đà Nẵng. This paint has good waterproofing properties and high adhesion, while providing a smooth and beautiful surface layer. Polyurethane waterproof paint is resistant to the effects of chemicals and sunlight, helping to protect and prolong the life of the painted surface.


Currently, there are many good waterproof paints on the market. Here are some highly rated waterproof coatings:

Silicone waterproof paint

Made from silicone, this paint has excellent water resistance and is durable in wet environments. Silicone waterproofing paint is commonly used for concrete, brick and cement surfaces.

Polyurethane waterproof paint

This paint has extremely good waterproofing ability and high durability. It is suitable for surfaces such as concrete, metal and wood.

Acrylic waterproof paint

This paint is made of acrylic and has good water resistance. It is commonly used for exterior surfaces, such as exterior walls and roofs.

Bitumen waterproof paint

Made from varnish and bitumen, this paint is commonly used for waterproofing works on roofs, swimming pools and concrete surfaces.

Epoxy waterproof paint

This type of paint is commonly used in waterproofing concrete and metal. Epoxy paints are chemical resistant and highly durable.

Silicate waterproof paint

This paint is made from silicate and is commonly used for concrete surfaces. It has good waterproofing and is quite durable.

Rubber waterproof paint

This paint is made from neoprene and is suitable for concrete, cement, brick and metal surfaces. It has good waterproofing ability and is easy to apply.

However, the choice of waterproof paint depends on the specific requirements of each project and the type of surface. When using waterproof paint, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.


Here are some brands of waterproof paint that are highly appreciated and considered the best for the construction process of Da Nang house waterproofing, specifically including:


SikaTop is a brand specializing in building materials, including waterproof coatings. SikaTop products have excellent water resistance and provide a durable coating to protect surfaces.


Dulux Dryzone

Dulux is a famous paint brand and Dryzone is their waterproofing product line. Dulux Dryzone waterproof paint has excellent waterproofing ability and protects the surface from water and moisture.

Nippon Paint Weatherbond

Nippon Paint is a leading paint brand and Weatherbond is their waterproofing product line. Nippon Paint Weatherbond is specially designed to be waterproof and mildew resistant, while also protecting surfaces from the effects of the weather.

Jotun Jotaproof

Jotun is a well known waterproof coating brand and Jotaproof is their flagship product line. Jotun Jotaproof Waterproof Paint is highly waterproof, protects the surface from water and moisture, and at the same time creates a durable coating.


Ceresit is a well-known brand in building materials and produces a wide range of waterproof coatings. Ceresit products are highly waterproof, protecting surfaces from water and mold and providing a quality coating.

Note that the best brand of waterproof coating may vary depending on the geographic region and the specific requirements of the project. Before choosing a waterproof coating, it's a good idea to learn more about each brand and consult with a supplier or expert in the field to make sure the choice is right for your needs.


In waterproofing construction works in Da Nang, it is very important to use the best waterproof paints. Acrylic waterproof paint, silicone waterproof paint, epoxy waterproof paint and polyurethane waterproof paint are popular and preferred choices in Da Nang. Although each type of paint has its own advantages, they all meet the requirements of waterproofing and protecting construction surfaces. When choosing waterproof paint, it is necessary to learn about the properties and applications of each paint to make the right choice for your project.

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