Sikalastic® 590
  • Sikalastic® 590
  • Sikalastic® 590
  • Sikalastic® 590
  • Sikalastic® 590

Sikalastic® 590

Giá bán: 2.590.000đ2.850.000đ
  • Mã số:Sika590 - 20kg
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  • Thời gian order:24h
  • Chất liệu:PU-Acrylic-based liquid solution, multi-purpose waterproofing
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    Size: 20kg of plastic container

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Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture. Free shipping for orders over 10,000,000 VND.
Sikalastic® 590 is a liquid, one component, dispersing PU-Acrylic based waterproofing compound with improved water resistance with many outstanding features in terms of mechanical properties, UV resistance, elongation and Excellent adhesion, good crack coating ability and high aesthetics are often used for exposed structures such as roof floors, exterior walls, ...

Sikalastic® 590 is a one component, dispersible, liquid acrylic polyurethane based waterproofing compound with improved water deposition resistance, excellent UV resistance, coating with anti-cracking, anti-stain performance color and aesthetics.

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Application of Sikalastic® 590

  • Waterproofing solution for new construction or renovation
  • For roofs with intricate details and shapes or with limited access
  • An economical solution to prolong the life of a leaky roof
  • Cooling energy-saving solar reflective coating (Sikalastic® 590 White)

Outstanding Features of Sikalastic® 590

  • Works well in limited standing water
  • Resistance to UV rays, staining and weathering
  • High elasticity and good crack coverage
  • Non-toxic, VOC content compliant with water-based coating requirements
  • 1 ingredient, ready to use
  • Create a waterproof membrane without joints
  • Let the steam "breathe"


Types of plastic containers 4kg and 20kg

Color choice

White and gray

Storage conditions Sikalastic® 590

Sikalastic® 590 products must be stored safely in their original, unopened and undamaged packaging at temperatures between +5 °C and +30 °C in a dry environment. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


12 months from date of manufacture.

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Sikalastic® 590 of waterproofing construction plan

Surface treatment preparation for waterproofing

- For concrete and cement surfaces:

  • The concrete surface must be 28 days old and have an adhesion strength of at least 1.5 N/mm2.
  • Cement or inorganic substrates should be prepared by mechanical means, such as using a polishing machine or grinding machine, to remove the cement powder and obtain a completely rough surface.
  • Fragile structures and weak concrete must be thoroughly removed and surface defects such as pitting and voids should be fully exposed.
  • Surface repairs such as sealing joints, holes and voids as well as smoothing these surfaces must be carried out with a suitable product range such as Sikaflex, Sikafloor, Sikadur or SikaGard
  • Rough places must be flattened
  • Air release from the concrete base is a natural phenomenon that can cause air pockets to appear on the surface of the overlaid coating. Therefore, it is necessary to use a primer to prevent air from escaping and to avoid air bubbles on porous and cement surfaces. Therefore, it is recommended to apply primer in the late afternoon or evening
  • Apply primer and always install a complete reinforcement system

- For bitumen membrane surface: Make sure the film is firmly attached to the substrate surface. The asphalt membrane surface is not severely damaged. Always prime and perfect the reinforcement system.

- For bituminous coated surfaces: The surface shall not be contaminated by brittle components, volatile coatings or coal based coatings. Always prime and perfect the reinforcement system.

- For metal surfaces: The metal surface must be firm, the contact surface must be polished so that the surface is bright and beautiful. Strengthen screws and couplings.

For other types of surface, please contact our company specializing in waterproofing construction Da Nang SK-Sumo for assistance.


Before application, stir the mixture of Sikalastic® 590 solution for about 1 minute to homogenize the material. Do not mix for too long as this may cause air bubbles.

Execution of construction

  • The primer must be dry before applying Sikalastic® 590.
  • Primer by mixing Sikalastic® 590 with 10% volumetric water at a rate of approximately 0.3 kg/m2
  • Vulnerable areas such as door frames must be protected with masking tape

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Notes when applying waterproofing Sikalastic® 590

  • Sikalastic® 590 can be applied to waterproof roof floors with short-term flooding
  • The roof should have a slope of 1% (minimum slope of 0.5% according to the roof and drainage scheme)
  • Protects newly applied Sikalastic® 590 waterproof membrane for at least 24 hours for optimal water retention
  • Do not apply Sikalastic® 590 to high moisture surfaces
  • Always use in ambient and reduced temperature conditions. Bubbles may occur if used at high temperature
  • Before the material is fully cured, make sure the temperature does not drop below 150C and the relative humidity does not exceed 80%
  • Make sure Sikalastic® 590 is completely dry and free of air bubbles before applying the final coat
  • Do not allow water to stand between coats or until the film surface is completely dry. Surfaces must be swept or wetted during this time
  • Do not allow water to stand between coats or until the film surface is completely dry. Surfaces must be swept or wetted during this time
  • In cold climates, Sikalastic® 590 should not be applied on flooded roofs where there is frost. Otherwise, the slope of the masonry surface must exceed 3% or other appropriate precautions must be taken
  • Do not apply Sikalastic® 590 directly onto the insulation. Use Sikalastic® 590 heat shield and diaphragm instead.
  • Use Sika Reemat Premium to strengthen parts or entire surfaces
  • Sikalastic® 590 is not recommended for use in pedestrian areas. If this is unavoidable, protective covering materials such as bricks, paving stones or wooden planks are required.

Specifications Sikalastic® 590

Chemical base: Liquid acrylic polyurethane waterproofing compound

Density: 1.32 kg/liter

Solid Content: 63%

Tensile strength: 1.7N/mm2

Elongation at break: 360% (ASTM D412)

Adhesion: 1.5 N/mm2

Color: White/Gray

Packing: 20 kg Thùng carton

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