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SikaCoat Plus

Giá bán: 610.000đ650.000đ
  • Mã số:SikaCoad - 4kg
  • Trạng thái:Available stock
  • Thời gian order:24h
  • Chất liệu:Liquid solution, alkali resistant acrylic base, good waterproof
  • Màu sắc:
  • Kích thước:

    Size: 4kg of plastic barrel

Đặt hàng
Hạn sử dụng 12 tháng từ ngày sản xuất. Miễn phí vận chuyển cho đơn hàng >10,000,000đ.
Sikacoat Plus is a one-component acrylic-based paint for waterproofing the surface of vertical walls, exterior walls, roof joints with excellent elasticity and coverage.

Sikacoat Plus is a 1-component acrylic paint imported from Indonesia by Sika Vietnam. As a product that only needs to be opened and stirred to be used, it is suitable for waterproofing vertical walls, outer walls, roof joint gap fillers, surface waterproofing with resilience. and good coverage.

SikaCoat Plus

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Application of SikaCoat Plus

Waterproof coating for vertical walls, exterior walls, new plastered walls, concrete poured after 3 days, treating gaps to create a finished surface, filling screw gaps for many types of roofs such as corrugated iron roofs, roofs tile, roof asbestos,...

Outstanding features of SikaCoat Plus

  • Water-dispersible acrylic base with good alkali resistance
  • Reduce construction time
  • Easy to build
  • Good coverage
  • High elasticity
  • Excellent stability to UV rays
  • Water proof
  • Has good crack coverage
  • Can be diluted with 10% water when applying as a primer
  • Material saving


4kg and 20kg drums

Color choice

Gray, stone gray, white and milk coffee color

SikaCoat Plus storage conditions

SikaCoat Plus products must be stored safely in their original, unopened and undamaged packaging at temperatures between +5 °C and +30 °C in a dry environment. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Construction plan SikaCoat Plus

- For wall surfaces without fiber reinforcement:

  • For super absorbent surfaces, use SikaCoat Plus mixed with about 10% clean water (by mass) to apply the primer. Then let it dry for > 3 hours.
  • Apply 2 coats of SikaCoat Plus by brush, roller or sprayer with the rate of about 0.3kg/m2/layer

- For wall surfaces with fiber reinforcement:

  • For super absorbent surfaces, use SikaCoat Plus mixed with about 10% clean water (by mass) to apply the primer. Then let it dry for > 3 hours.
  • Apply the first coat of SikaCoat Plus by brush, roller or sprayer at a rate of about 0.8-1.0 kg/m2/layer
  • Spread the reinforcing film over the first damp layer of SikaCoat Plus. Make sure that the film is fully compressed and that all air bubbles and wrinkles are smoothed out.
  • Joints must overlap by at least 50mm.
  • While the first coat is still wet, apply a second coat of SikaCoat Plus at a rate of about 0.8-1.0 kg/m2/layer, ensuring complete coverage of both sides of the reinforcement.
  • Wait for the second coat to dry and apply a final coat of approximately 0.4 kg/m2. Protect surface from rain until completely dry.

SikaCoat Plus

Sikacoat Plus is a water-dispersible acrylic based product. Products are packaged in small boxes of 4kg and large boxes of 20kg. Sikacoat Plus is usually available in grey, lime grey, white and coffee cream. The shelf life of the product is 12 months from the date of manufacture. The product should be properly stored between 5°C and 30°C. Avoid direct sunlight. Sikacoat plus has a tensile strength greater than 1.0N/mm2 and up to 300% in the absence of reinforcement. In addition, this product also has high adhesion, so it has good water resistance.

Sikacoat Plus offers excellent moisture resistance on a variety of surfaces and materials. Usually, this product is used to waterproof bathrooms, toilets, flower pots, bonsai pots and places that are often wet, often exposed to water and humid air. It is also possible to paint the outside of water-containing objects such as aquariums, swimming pools, rain pools, etc.

In addition to waterproofing, Sikacoat Plus also creates durability for the house. As mentioned above, this product has good alkali resistance, good concealer, so when painting the exterior can give the house a new look. Sikacoat Plus also provides perfect protection from UV rays, helping to prevent discoloration of house paint. Has the ability to cover cracks in the wall, but only small cracks.

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