Sikagrout 214-11
  • Sikagrout 214-11
  • Sikagrout 214-11
  • Sikagrout 214-11
  • Sikagrout 214-11

Sikagrout 214-11

Giá bán: 286.000đ350.000đ
  • Mã số:Sika214 - 25kg
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  • Thời gian order:24h
  • Chất liệu:Shrink-compensated, self-leveling, pre-mixed cementitious grout
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    Packing 25Kg

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Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture. Free shipping for orders over 10,000,000 VND.
Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof coating material has excellent waterproofing ability, effectively protecting construction surfaces from ingress of water, moisture and other environmental agents.
Sikagrout 214-11

1. General introduction of the product

1.1. What is Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint?

Sikagrout 214-11 is a high quality waterproof coating product, developed by Sika - one of the leading brands in the field of building materials worldwide. Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint has excellent waterproofing ability, effectively protecting construction surfaces from ingress of water, moisture and other environmental agents.

1.2. Advantages of Sikagrout 214-11

- High quality: Sikagrout 214-11 is a high quality product, manufactured using advanced technology and the highest quality raw materials. Designed to waterproof and protect surfaces from the effects of water and other environmental factors, Sikagrout 214-11 ensures sustainability and efficiency for construction sites.
- Absolute waterproof: Paint Sikagrout 214-11 has outstanding waterproofing ability, helping to prevent water penetration into surfaces. This product creates a strong protective film that prevents water penetration, limits the formation of mold and bacteria, and perfectly protects the building structure from damage caused by moisture.
- High adhesion: Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint creates a strong adhesion film on the surface, which enhances the durability and longevity of the construction.
- Anti-moss and protective film: The product has the ability to prevent the formation of algae, mold and bacteria on the surface, while creating a protective film against the impact of the environment. .
- Ease of use: Sikagrout 214-11 has high ease of use and construction. This product can be applied easily to various surfaces, including concrete, brick, and cement. This saves time and effort during construction and ensures the consistency of waterproofing across the entire building.

2. Characteristics of waterproof paint Sikagrout 214-11

SikaGrout®-214-11 is a very economical and easy to use grout. Other advantages such as:
• Excellent fluidity;
• Good dimensional stability;
• High strength, adjustable consistency;
• No water separation;
• Non-toxic, non-corrosive;
• Ready to use just mix with water;
• Resistance to impact, vibration;
• Can be pumped with a suitable grout pump.
Sikagrout 214-11

3. Application of waterproof paint product Sikagrout 214-11

Sikagrout 214-11 is a product that has been and is being widely used in many types of projects, especially, this is the product chosen by most of Đà Nẵng waterproofing companies due to its many outstanding and outstanding advantages. may be mentioned as:

3.1. Waterproofing of residential and commercial buildings

Sikagrout 214-11 has proven to be a great choice. This product has good waterproofing ability, ensuring the safety and sustainability of the project. At the same time, it also helps to strengthen the load-carrying strength of the structure, ensuring the stability and durability of the building.

3.2. Application in industrial parks and manufacturing plants

Sikagrout 214-11 has been widely used to improve the safety and waterproofing of facilities. This product is resistant to corrosion, chemical penetration and harsh environments. This helps protect the production facility, ensuring performance and stability during operations.

3.3. Use for infrastructure works

For infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads and tunnels, etc. Sikagrout 214-11 has proven its effectiveness. This product is highly waterproof and reliable, ensuring the durability and safety of the infrastructure. It also helps to reduce the ingress of water and mechanical damage, while enhancing the rigidity and load-carrying of these structures.

3.4. For irrigation works and drainage systems

Sikagrout 214-11 products have a very good support for the above works with high waterproofing ability in the water environment, ensuring stability and durability for irrigation works. In addition, it improves drainage system performance, prevents groundwater infiltration and ensures efficient system operation.
To sum up, Sikagrout 214-11 is a reliable product and has proven to be effective in many different types of construction. With outstanding advantages such as good waterproofing ability, high durability and stability, it has become the first choice of waterproofing companies in Da Nang and is widely used in the construction industry.

4. Commitment when buying waterproof paint Sikagrout 214-11 at SKSUMO

As a reputable waterproofing company in Da Nang, SKSUMO always has many support policies as well as service commitments for its customers, including:

4.1. Commitment to product quality

SKSUMO Da Nang waterproofing company confidently affirms that the Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint distributed by us is a product manufactured under advanced technological processes and adheres to strict quality standards. Products meet high requirements for waterproofing and protection of construction surfaces. With the prestige and reliability of the Sika brand, you can be completely assured of product quality.

4.2. The most competitive prices

Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint products are offered at the most competitive prices in Da Nang today. SKSUMO Company is committed to providing products at a reasonable price, helping customers save costs during construction and waterproofing maintenance.

4.3. Professional support service

Our staff is ready to provide professional advice on waterproofing paint Sikagrout 214-11, from choosing the right product to instructions for use and maintenance. We are committed to responding quickly and efficiently to all customer requests.

4.4. Fast shipping

SKSUMO company is ready to support and ensure fast and flexible delivery time in Da Nang. You can rest assured that Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint products will be shipped to the desired address as quickly as possible, saving you time and effort.

4.5. Lots of variety and suitable options

We offer a wide range of Sikagrout 214-11 products with different variations and features to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint can be applied to concrete structures, walls, manholes, tunnels, tanks and many other construction applications. No matter what construction or maintenance you are doing, we have a solution for you.

4.6. Free technical support and user guide

We not only provide products, but also provide free technical support and user manuals to customers. If you have any questions or need advice on how to use Sikagrout 214-11, our technical team will be happy to help. We are committed to ensuring you use the right products and get the best results.

4.7. Always a reliable partner

We are proud to be a reliable partner of many customers in the field of distributing Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint. With many years of experience and deep understanding of Sika waterproofing materials, we have been and are a strategic partner, gaining more and more trust and satisfaction from customers.

4.8. Good product warranty policy

SKSUMO warrants that Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof coating is covered by the manufacturer's specified warranty. If there is any problem regarding the quality or performance of the product, we will review it and deal with it promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.
Sikagrout 214-11

5. Conclusion

Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint product is a great choice for construction projects in Da Nang. With absolute waterproofing, high adhesion and the ability to prevent the formation of moss, mold, the product ensures the construction surface is protected and maintained beautiful for a long time. Contact Da Nang waterproofing company SKSUMO today for advice and buy Sikagrout 214-11 waterproof paint at the cheapest price!
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