SikaGrout® GP

SikaGrout® GP

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  • Chất liệu:Liquid multipurpose waterproof mortar
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Shelf life 6 months from date of manufacture under standard storage conditions. Free shipping with orders from 10,000,000 VND.
Da Nang waterproofing company SKSUMO ensures the supply of Sika Grout® GP waterproofing materials at cheap prices, genuine and high-quality products with outstanding adhesion and water resistance.

SikaGrout® GP is a high quality waterproofing material manufactured by Sika and distributed by SKSUMO - Da Nang waterproofing maintenance company. Specially designed to provide excellent waterproofing, SikaGrout® GP is commonly used in construction and building maintenance applications where airtightness and water resistance are important.

SikaGrout® GP

SikaGrout® GP features

1. Outstanding waterproof ability

SikaGrout® GP is designed to ensure a high level of waterproofing, preventing the ingress of water and harmful liquids. This makes it an ideal choice for application in areas where privacy is required, such as swimming pools, cisterns, toilets, and other submerged structures.

2. Flexibility and ease of construction

SikaGrout® GP is self-floating, making it easy to pour or pump into various openings and structures without the use of special equipment. This facilitates the construction process, especially in confined or hard-to-reach spaces.

3. Good adhesion

SikaGrout® GP has excellent adhesion to a variety of construction surfaces such as concrete, steel, brick, and stone. This ensures that the waterproofing layer is strongly bonded to the treated surface, preventing peeling or uneven sealing.

4. Long time anti-corrosion and waterproof

With good corrosion resistance and waterproofing, SikaGrout® GP is the ideal choice for use in environments with high humidity levels or frequent water exposure.

5. Versatile applicability

SikaGrout® GP can be used in a wide variety of applications, including gap filling, façade construction, structural maintenance and repair, foundation base, and many other construction applications.

With such outstanding features, SikaGrout® GP has been widely used in the construction industry to ensure the safety and sustainability of the works. This product brings peace of mind to contractors, architects and investors when faced with problems related to waterproofing and protection of building structures.

What is the application of SikaGrout® GP waterproofing mortar?

SikaGrout® GP is a multi-purpose waterproofing material used in a wide variety of applications in the construction and waterproofing maintenance industry. Here are some common uses of SikaGrout® GP:

1. Fill and inject into the gap

SikaGrout® GP is commonly used to fill gaps and gaps in concrete, brick or stone structures. This improves structural integrity and prevents the ingress of water and harmful liquids.

2. Creating facades and outdoor facades

With good adhesion on many surfaces, SikaGrout® GP can be used to create facades and outdoor siding. This helps to protect the structure from the effects of weather and the environment.

3. Maintenance and repair of concrete structures

SikaGrout® GP is commonly used in the maintenance and repair of concrete, steel and brick structures. The use of this material helps to replicate the water resistance and durability of damaged structures.

4. Making foundations for construction works

In the construction of foundation bases, SikaGrout® GP can be used to create a waterproofing layer under the footing, preventing water ingress from below ground.

5. Application in high humidity environment

SikaGrout® GP is suitable for environments with high humidity or frequent exposure to water such as swimming pools, toilets, cisterns, submerged structures, etc.

6. Protection of chemical resistant components

With its waterproofing and chemical resistance, SikaGrout® GP can be used to protect structures from the effects of corrosive chemicals.

In short, SikaGrout® GP has a wide variety of applications in the construction and maintenance industries, thanks to its waterproofing ability and versatility in use on a variety of surfaces and in a variety of environments.

Application Instructions with SikaGrout® GP

Step 1: Mix the material

1. Prepare water: Weigh about 70-80% of the required amount of water (depending on the required flow) and pour it into a clean container.

2. Add SikaGrout® GP: Gradually add SikaGrout® GP powder to the water tank while stirring. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

3. The required flow is reached: Continue adding the remaining amount of water until the required flow is reached. Mix the material for about 2-3 minutes at slow speed (up to 500 rpm).

Step 2: Construction

1. Filter air bubbles: After mixing is complete, stir gently for a few seconds to remove any air bubbles that may be present in the mixture.

2. Formwork preparation: Prepare formwork before starting construction.

3. Apply grout: When grouting the base plate or pouring block, make sure to maintain the pouring pressure to ensure a continuous flow.

4. Formwork control: Formwork should be installed firmly and without holes to avoid overflow of mortar.

5. Construction with a large area: For large areas, arrange the order of construction so that the mortar flow is always continuous. Diaphragm, screw or piston pumps can be used to ensure efficient flow.

Step 3: Mortar for large pouring blocks

1. Use clean aggregate: For sections thicker than 60 mm, use clean aggregate without clay dust, sieve size ~10 mm and mix with SikaGrout® GP to reduce heat generation.

2. Amount of Aggregate: The amount of aggregate should not exceed 1 part of aggregate for each part of SikaGrout® GP powder by weight.

3. Mixers and pumps: Concrete mixers and pumps can be used for these mixtures. To ensure the release of air bubbles, create air vents. Use a steel rod or chain to help the grout flow easily.

Step 4: Handling and maintenance

1. Curing time: When using formwork, let the mortar pour for at least 3 days.

2. Curing: Immediately after removal of formwork, use Antisol® curing compound or other approved curing method to protect exterior surfaces.

Note: Always perform pre-application testing to ensure best results and follow safety procedures.

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