Discuss the construction of the central square of Da Nang city

  • 13/05/2021

The Da Nang city government said it would organize a new idea contest on the project to build a city center square in the area of ​​Dien Hai.

This is the second time this central coastal city has asked the question of finding a central square, thereby showing the stature of local planning and architecture.
The Da Nang government wants the central square to be a convergence and convenient place for public activities and visitors, with both beautiful landscapes and urban-worthy architecture, as well as an attractive commercial address attract investment from many businesses.
Express the urban area
Accordingly, the construction area of ​​the central square will have an area of ​​​​9 hectares located along the Han River (Hai Chau district), surrounded by Bach Dang, Tran Phu, Quang Trung and Ly Tu Trong streets.
In particular, Bach Dang route will be a pedestrian street of Da Nang, extending from the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge to Tran Thi Ly bridge, with the central square being the most impressive stop.
Discuss the construction of the central square of Da Nang city
Da Nang again discussed building a central square
Once formed, the square will connect from the Dien Hai citadel relic with the current Da Nang administrative center and the Da Nang museum (to be built at the old Da Nang People's Committee headquarters, 42 Bach Dang). This square will create a spacious ground with a beautiful landscape design with the highlight of which is the administrative center building and Novotel hotel (Sun Group).
Below this ground is the underground space area, with the entrance from the Han River bank, including commercial stores, shopping supermarket, food court, parking lot... This space can be connected to Dien Hai citadel and two high-rise buildings above are the administrative center and Novotel hotel.
In addition, the Han River restaurant project in front of Novotel hotel, due to the investor's violation has been suspended, will be considered and turned into an address to introduce and exhibit Da Nang tourism activities.
Da Nang city believes that building a central square in a prime location in the middle of Hai Chau main district is a difficult but necessary problem.
Up to now, after 20 years of campaigning for urban embellishment and development, Da Nang still has not had a central square that is properly planned, meeting the requirements of urban development, showing the stature of the society commercial, financial investment and especially an international tourist city as the local desires.
Previously, in the period 2015 - 2017, Da Nang also came up with the idea of ​​​​building a central square in the Han market area, less than 3 km from Dien Hai citadel. Da Nang plans to choose the Han market area with a square campus between Bach Dang - Hung Vuong - Phan Chau Trinh - Nguyen Thai Hoc streets to make a square.
This central square design competition took place, with the solution chosen being a “two-story” square. Above is a large square with beautiful scenery and surrounding high-rise commercial buildings, the highlight is the 84 Hung Vuong high-rise project and the reconstructed Han market. Downstairs, entering from the Han River bank, will be a complex, organizing commercial and service activities for visitors.
This idea is considered to be superficial, creating a really impressive scale for this urban area on the banks of the Han River. However, after the incumbent leadership at that time was concluded with many mistakes, the idea had to be stopped.
Financial problem
However, many people believe that the idea of ​​​​building a central square was once raised, but the big problem now is finance.
The sketch of the old square shows that Da Nang needs to mobilize a huge investment capital for the planning, design and re-construction of the underground space under the Han market site.
The time this idea was introduced, the locality needed even more investment, because organizing the underground space below 2 levels several dozen floors above was not a simple problem.
Moreover, the square must be proportionately connected from this underground floor to Dien Hai citadel or 42 Bach Dang museum, handling traffic in the area from Bach Dang pedestrian street. This requires very detailed and expensive research and construction organization.
There is also an idea to use the T-bridge in front of the Da Nang museum, once a diplomatic ceremony bridge on the river of Da Nang, to form a canoe wharf to welcome tourists from Tien Sa tourist port passing through by road again.
All of this raises a challenging question for Da Nang, about the ability to mobilize investment capital in the context that the local financial investment capacity is still limited.
Da Nang city government said it will promote this central square project, starting from June 2021. The city will organize an architectural plan competition, hire domestic and foreign consulting units to design ideas for implementation.
Source: CafeLand
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