Full package waterproofing construction in Da Nang

  • 16/09/2023

Do you want to know how much is the current price for a full package of waterproofing construction in Da Nang? What is the quote for each specific waterproofing item such as: floor, roof, wall, reservoir, swimming pool, terrace, bathroom, toilet,... SKSUMO waterproofing company will answer in detail through this article for your reference.

»»» Important note: Waterproofing construction is an important job to protect the house or building from problems related to water seepage and dampness. Therefore, consider carefully and make sure you choose an experienced and reputable partner to do the job perfectly.

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What is full waterproofing construction?

Full waterproofing construction is a service provided by construction companies or specializing in waterproofing projects. This service includes performing work to prevent water or other liquids from entering building structures such as walls, floors, roofs, swimming pools, or other structures. The main goal of waterproofing work is to protect the structure from damage caused by water, prevent moisture and mold, help increase the lifespan of the structure, ensure a safe living and working environment, comfortable for the user.

Full waterproofing construction services usually include the following tasks:

1. Assess the condition: Determine the cause of water seepage and the current condition of the surface that needs to be waterproofed.

2. Planning: Design appropriate waterproofing methods, select appropriate materials and technology.

3. Surface preparation: Remove cracks, old paint or coatings, clean the surface to ensure the waterproofing layer can adhere best.

4. Apply waterproofing materials: Use waterproofing materials such as waterproof paint, waterproof glue, or waterproofing membrane to cover the surface that needs to be waterproofed. This work must be done carefully to ensure there are no holes or leaks.

5. Inspection and maintenance: After completing the job, experts often perform quality checks to ensure the effectiveness of the waterproofing layer. Regular maintenance thereafter is important to ensure the sustainability of the waterproofing system.

Why do you need a comprehensive Da Nang waterproofing service?

Da Nang's full-service waterproofing service is a comprehensive solution to prevent the penetration of water, moisture, or other liquids into construction surfaces, such as walls, floors, roofs, or structures. other construction structures. Here are some reasons why you should use a comprehensive waterproofing service in Da Nang:

1. High waterproofing effect

Full waterproofing services are usually performed by experienced professionals and use high quality waterproofing products. This ensures that the job is done properly and efficiently, helping to protect the building structure from water and moisture related problems.

2. Save time and effort

When you hire a full waterproofing service, you do not need to learn about the waterproofing process and products yourself. This helps you save time and effort, so you can focus on other work.

3. Quality assurance

A full service usually comes with a project warranty, so if there are any problems after the job is completed, you can claim free repairs or compensation.

4. Comply with standards and regulations

Full-service waterproofing services often ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards and regulations, especially when using waterproofing products that contain toxic chemicals.

Professional waterproofing contractors often use high quality and reliable waterproofing products, ensuring your project will be well protected for a long time.

5. Cost optimization

Hiring a full-service waterproofing service can help you optimize costs, as you do not need to purchase the necessary products and equipment to perform this job independently.

How much does a full package of waterproofing construction cost in Da Nang?

In general, the price of a full waterproofing project in Da Nang depends on many factors, including the area, condition of the surface to be waterproofed, the type of material to be used and the level of work required. design,... Below, SKSUMO company provides a waterproofing price list for some common items for customers to refer to and have a basis for comparison, specifically:

Waterproof treatment category

Package price (vnđ/m2)

Materials used

Waterproofing treatment for cracked and sinking walls


Sika Grout 201, Mariseal 250, polyester fabric, waterproof tape

Waterproofing treatment of concrete floors


Polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane (Mariseal 250)

Waterproofing treatment of walls, basement walls, and awnings


Polyurethane-based waterproofing membrane (Mariseal 250); Cementitious penetrating crystal (Quicseal 111/ 104s)

Waterproofing treatment for swimming pools, aquariums, toilet floors, bathrooms, elevator shafts,...


Sikalatex 107, Mariseal 250, Quicesal 111 and liquid penetrating cement

Waterproofing treatment of roof floors and concrete floors


Sika Latex, a waterproofing material based on cement, bitumen, and polymers

Waterproofing treatment of cracked walls causing water leakage and seepage


Special waterproof paint; Pumping anti-cracking glue combined with Arylic-based waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing treatment for swimming pools, bathrooms, basement floors, elevator PIT pits


Bitumen or Sika torch membrane combined with HDPE waterproof membrane

Complete waterproofing treatment for toilets, kitchens, and exposed steel structures


Sikaproof Membrane, highly elastic bitumen torch screen

Complete roof waterproofing treatment


Polyurethane-based water blocking membrane, specialized Sika Grout

Complete waterproofing treatment for floors and ceilings


Heat-resistant epoxy waterproofing membrane

Close the entire waterproofing package


Thickness of corrugated iron ≤4mm

»»» Note: The above quotation is for reference only, the unit price may change depending on the actual status of each waterproofing project. Therefore, to get an accurate quote based on your goals and requirements, please call the hotline directly at 083 666 0123 for support.

Where is the address of Da Nang SKSUMO waterproofing company?

Are you looking for a reputable address to solve leak problems in Da Nang city? Please contact Da Nang SKSUMO waterproofing company immediately for the best support, we are confident to be one of your top and reliable choices.

We are a company providing professional, effective and high quality waterproofing services for many projects in Da Nang city for nearly 2 decades. With a team of experienced technicians and professional knowledge, SKSUMO is committed to ensuring optimal sustainability for every project we carry out.

SKSUMO is ready to provide the most suitable package waterproofing service for many types of construction projects such as houses, offices, companies, factories, apartments, restaurants, hotels and other waterproofing projects in Vietnam. Da Nang city area in general today. If you have any needs, please contact us at:


Address: 586 Nguyen Huu Tho, Khue Trung, Cam Le, Da Nang

Hotline: 083 666 0123

Website: https://sksumo.com/

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What does SKSUMO's waterproofing service in Da Nang include?

In Da Nang, as in many other cities, waterproofing services are widely used to protect structures from water and moisture intrusion. Below are some popular waterproofing services in Da Nang provided by SKSUMO company including:

1. Waterproofing of foundations, walls and floors

Waterproofing foundations, walls and floors is the process of implementing methods that include the use of waterproofing materials such as waterproof membranes, waterproof paint, and waterproof concrete to prevent water or liquids from penetrating these surfaces. .

Especially in the construction industry, waterproofing of foundations, walls and floors is performed to protect structures and building structures from damage due to water intrusion or to prevent water spillage from outside. outside to inside.

2. Roof waterproofing

Roof waterproofing is an important part of maintaining the health and safety of your home and can help avoid major problems down the road such as water leaks and structural damage.

Roof waterproofing methods often include the use of waterproofing materials such as bitumen waterproofing membranes, waterproofing paint, etc. The construction of roof tiles and structural details such as roof edges, roof joints, and drainage pipes carefully to ensure there are no weak spots where water can enter.

3. Waterproofing the swimming pool

Pool waterproofing is the process or measures taken to prevent water in the pool from seeping through the surrounding structures. This is important to ensure the privacy of the pool, prevent water from escaping and prevent groundwater from entering the pool.

There are many ways to waterproof a swimming pool, including using waterproofing materials such as waterproof coatings, special waterproofing materials for swimming pools, and other specialized waterproofing systems. This process is often performed at the same time as swimming pool construction or when it is necessary to repair or upgrade an existing pool to ensure privacy and maintain the pool's performance.

4. Waterproofing the toilet

Bathroom waterproofing is the process and measures applied to prevent the penetration of water or moisture into surfaces and structures in the bathroom, to protect walls, floors, and construction materials. protected from damage caused by water and moisture. Waterproofing is very important in bathrooms, as this environment is often exposed to a lot of water and humidity.

5. Waterproof the area around the door

Door perimeter waterproofing are methods used to prevent water, moisture or grease from entering the area around doors in a building.

The main goal of this is to protect the building from the elements, help preserve the structure and protect the interior from damage caused by water or humidity. Methods for waterproofing the area around doors may include the use of waterproofing agents, waterproofing tape, gutter systems, or a combination of these methods.

6. Waterproofing of water tanks

There are many different methods and products to waterproof water tanks, including the use of materials such as concrete waterproofing agents, waterproofing membranes, waterproofing epoxy, etc. with the goal of helping prevent leaks and ensuring durability. integrity of the water tank system.

Waterproofing a water tank is an important part of maintaining the properties of the water in the tank and ensuring there are no leaks that cause water loss or harm to the surrounding environment.

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How is the SKSUMO waterproofing construction process performed?

SKSUMO waterproofing construction process is carried out professionally, in accordance with technical standards, ensuring quality with the following specific steps:

Step 1: Choose waterproof material

To ensure the effectiveness and longevity of the waterproofing process, SKSUMO always focuses on choosing materials suitable for each specific type of project. Products that we use include:

- Waterproofing walls: Use specialized paint or waterproof corrugated iron

- Waterproofing the toilet: Use bitumen torch membrane, Sikalatex 107 and Sikagrout to waterproof the drain pipe neck

- Waterproofing terraces and roof decks: Waterproofing treatment with Sika products or bitumen waterproofing membranes

- Crack treatment: Treat with Epoxy or Sikaflex material

Step 2: Prepare the surface

The quality of the construction surface can determine the durability of the project. During the surface treatment process, we always follow the following steps:

- Remove dirt from the surface. For uneven surfaces, chiseling and trimming steps need to be performed to ensure the surface is even and flat.

- Remove impurities and ensure a clean surface with a high-pressure water sprayer.

- Treat large cracks with Sika Flex Construction glue.

- Moisten the surface before applying waterproofing layers to ensure maximum quality.

Step 3: Waterproofing treatment

Carry out 3-layer waterproofing treatment in accordance with the prescribed quality standard procedures and conditions, and focus on carefully treating key positions such as:

- Position of pipe neck through the floor

- Corner position next to the wall

- Location adjacent to wall and floor

Step 4: Check and accept

To ensure the quality of the project, SKSUMO will conduct a test by soaking it in water for a certain period of time (usually 2 - 3 days). After that, continue the finishing work by rolling mortar and laying ceramic tiles, and at the same time, install waterproofing roofing at the gaps in ceramic tile lines.

Reasons to choose Da Nang waterproofing company SKSUMO

SKSUMO is ready to become your reliable waterproofing partner in Da Nang for the following reasons:

1. Team of professional waterproofers

SKSUMO is proud to have a team of experienced and professionally trained waterproofers. We always place emphasis on recruiting and developing our human resources to ensure that every waterproofing project is carried out by people with extensive knowledge and good practical skills. The certainty and responsibility of our team are always put first, giving you peace of mind when choosing us for your waterproofing work.

2. Reasonable price

At SKSUMO, we are committed to providing quality service at an affordable price. We understand that customers are always concerned about savings, and therefore, we ensure that every project we undertake will be priced competitively and reasonably. Quality is never sacrificed for price, and customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

3. Commitment policy

We are committed to complying with all commitments regarding construction time and product quality. This means we will always complete your project on time and to the highest quality standards. We always listen and understand your needs to ensure every service package is designed to best suit you.

4. Experience in implementing many new technology waterproofing projects

SKSUMO always masters and applies the most advanced technology and methods in the field of waterproofing. With experience accumulated through many successful projects, we are confident to bring you the most modern and effective solutions for your project. This means you can count on our innovation and professionalism in every situation.

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