There will be nearly 3,360 social housing apartments in Da Nang

  • 07/05/2021

Commencement ceremony of construction of 3,358 apartments of Ori Garden social houses in Bau Tram green urban area, Lien Chieu district, city. Da Nang has just taken place recently.

Ori Garden social housing project was built on an area of ​​more than 4 hectares, with a total investment of 2,358 billion VND. The project consists of a complex of 10 blocks with 3,358 apartments with an area of ​​​​35-70m2. The number of social housing in this project accounts for one-third of the total supply of social housing in the city. Da Nang to 2025. The project investor is Saigon - Da Nang Investment Joint Stock Company (SDN) and Saigon Telecommunications Technology Joint Stock Company (Saigontel), a member of Saigon Investment Group.
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Perspective of Ori Garden social housing project
In phase 1, the project will implement 4 apartment buildings to put into operation in 2022. Phase 2 will implement the remaining 6 apartment buildings to be put into operation in 2023.
The investor said that the project is designed according to the quality criteria of commercial housing with many utilities such as swimming pool, square park, physical garden, convenience supermarket, kindergarten.
Ori Garden social housing project is expected to solve the urgent housing needs for workers and low-income workers in Lien Chieu Industrial Park, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park and other industrial parks and zones. nearby high-tech.
According to the City Federation of Labor. Da Nang, the city currently has more than 330,000 workers, most of them are foreign workers, of which more than 72,000 people work in industrial zones.
According to calculations, the Ori Garden social housing project is capable of stabilizing accommodation for more than 10,000 workers in neighboring industrial and technological zones.
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