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  • 16/10/2023

Do you need to contact a reputable waterproofing roofing installer in Da Nang with professional service at the best price? Call our waterproofing company SKSUMO immediately to get advice and use the best waterproofing roofing installation service in Da Nang today.

What is waterproofing corrugated iron construction?

Why should you call a waterproofing corrugated iron installer in Da Nang?

What are the requirements for Da Nang waterproofing corrugated iron installers?

Professional waterproofing roofing installation service in Da Nang

Latest price quote for waterproofing corrugated iron in Da Nang

Q&A about waterproofing roofing installation service in Da Nang

»»» Important note: Installing waterproofing is important to ensure the integrity of the project and protect the surface layer from damage caused by water. The popular waterproofing corrugated iron installation solution is applied to the roof, walls, windows and floor to create a reliable waterproof barrier for the project. The process of installing waterproofing requires attention to many details and ensuring technical standards to improve the sustainability of the waterproofing system as a whole.

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What is waterproofing corrugated iron installation?

Waterproof corrugated iron is a product made from many types of materials such as galvanized steel and aluminum with heat-insulating and waterproof coatings. This waterproof coating is usually made from high-grade compounds, such as polymers, rubber, adhesives or bitumen waterproofing membranes.

Installing waterproofing is a process performed to create a surface layer that prevents water from penetrating inside a building or house. Installing waterproofing is often applied to protect walls, roofs and floors from the intrusion of rainwater or groundwater that can harm the internal structure of your building.

Why should you call a waterproofing corrugated iron installer in Da Nang?

Calling a waterproofing corrugated iron installer in Da Nang or anywhere else has many practical benefits to properly protect construction projects against the risk of water intrusion. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a waterproofing roofing installer in Da Nang:

1. Expertise and technique

Waterproofing installers often have specialized knowledge and skills in dealing with water seepage. They clearly understand the materials to use, the construction process, and how to overcome problems related to water seepage.

2. Quality assurance

Hiring a professional worker helps ensure quality work. They will use high-quality materials and carry out the work to standard, helping to ensure that water seepage problems will not recur after a short period of time.

3. Save time and effort

Waterproofing installers are experienced and understand the working process, so they can complete the job quickly and effectively. This helps you save time and effort compared to repairing it yourself or hiring a non-professional.

4. Ensure safety

Professional workers are often trained in occupational safety and the use of protective equipment. Ensuring the safety of both the project and the workers is important, and waterproofing installers have the knowledge to perform the job safely.

5. Solve waterproofing completely

With many years of experience in the field of practical construction, waterproofing roofing installers organize construction in the most quality and effective way. Make sure the corrugated iron is firmly, beautifully and delicately built, creating a perfect layer of protection for wall, floor and roof surfaces against the risk of water intrusion.

In addition, waterproofing roofing installers not only find the underlying causes of leaks but also help completely overcome water seepage problems. This helps avoid the recurrence of leaks after the job has been completed.

What are the requirements for Da Nang waterproofing roofing installers?

Waterproofing corrugated iron installers are people who specialize in installing waterproofing corrugated iron systems to prevent water or other elements from penetrating and harming the structure of construction projects. To ensure the necessary knowledge and skills to perform this job accurately and effectively, Da Nang waterproofing roofing installers need to follow some of the following specific standards and requirements:

1. Professional knowledge of waterproofing corrugated iron installation

Is the use of corrugated iron panels or roofing sheets to create a waterproof surface layer, preventing rainwater or other water from entering construction structures such as houses, warehouses, factories, etc. etc. Below is some professional knowledge related to waterproofing corrugated iron installation:

a. About corrugated iron materials: Understanding and choosing corrugated iron materials suitable for the environment and specific needs of the project. Common corrugated iron materials include galvanized corrugated iron, powder-coated corrugated iron, aluminum corrugated iron, stainless steel corrugated iron, etc. Each type of corrugated iron has its own characteristics in terms of durability, corrosion resistance and completely different aesthetic value.

b. About the corrugated iron surface waterproofing paint system: Corrugated iron surface waterproofing paint not only makes the corrugated iron more beautiful but also protects the corrugated iron from corrosion due to environmental factors. Paint layers must be designed to have good adhesion and the most effective waterproofing ability.

c. Use waterproofing layer for corrugated iron surface: Waterproofing layer is often applied on corrugated iron surface to prevent water from penetrating. Waterproofing layers may include waterproofing membranes, liquid waterproofing layers or other waterproofing materials.

d. Design a waterproofing roofing installation plan: Plan and determine how to implement the roofing to prevent water or liquid from entering areas or surfaces that need to be protected in the most effective and optimal way.

e. Understanding the waterproofing corrugated iron installation process: The waterproofing corrugated iron installation process requires proper implementation to ensure quality and waterproofing ability. It is important that roofers need to master waterproofing techniques and comply with labor safety regulations to ensure the work is safe and effective.

Thợ đóng tôn chống thấm tại Đà Nẵng uy tín | Báo giá rẻ nhất

2. Regarding waterproofing corrugated iron installation techniques

Waterproofing corrugated iron installation technique is the process of designing and implementing roofing or wall corrugated iron systems to prevent water and other environmental factors from entering construction works. The technique of installing waterproofing corrugated iron requires an in-depth understanding of corrugated iron materials, design and installation processes as well as the application of combined waterproofing solutions to bring the most optimal results, helping to prolong the life of the corrugated iron sheet. longevity and ensure stability for the project.

Some commonly applied waterproofing roofing installation techniques include:

a. Sealed assembly: Ensure that roofing or wall panels are assembled tightly to prevent water from entering through slots or connections.

b. Use a combined waterproofing layer: Apply layers of waterproofing materials such as bitumen waterproofing membranes, specialized waterproofing membranes, or waterproofing paint layers on the corrugated iron surface to create an effective waterproofing layer. fruit.

c. Install waterproofing accessories: Use accessories such as manholes, drainage pipes, and discharge pipes to ensure water does not penetrate into weak points of the building structure when installing waterproofing sheets.

d. Accurate construction operations: Ensure that roofing or wall panels are assembled according to correct techniques and according to the correct structural form to avoid leaks due to rain.

3. Requirements for safety standards when installing waterproofing sheets

Complying with safety standards during the installation of waterproofing is an important factor in ensuring the safety of both workers and the construction project. This requires attention to several important aspects:

a. Fully equipped with protective equipment: Everyone involved in the installation of waterproofing must be fully equipped with safety equipment, including helmets, goggles, gloves, and waterproof jackets. and safety shoes. This helps reduce the risk of injury and protect the health of the construction team as well as demonstrate the professionalism of the contractor installing waterproofing in general.

b. Ensure labor safety rules: Teams of workers installing waterproofing roofing need to be trained on safe working procedures, how to use equipment and how to react in an emergency. This helps them master the knowledge and skills to work safely.

c. Good management of risks: Good assessment and management of relevant potential risks is necessary to ensure the best implementation of the project. Accordingly, before starting the work of installing waterproofing sheets, it is necessary to conduct a detailed risk assessment to identify factors that can cause incidents, such as weather, geographical location, and weather conditions. status, etc.

Professional waterproofing roofing installation service in Da Nang

Are you having problems with water seeping through the roof, walls or any surface in your house in Da Nang? Please immediately contact SKSUMO company's professional, reputable, and cheap waterproofing roofing installation service in Da Nang for advice and support. Services we provide include:

1. Install roof waterproofing in Da Nang

The roof is an important part of protecting you and your family from harsh weather elements and rain. However, roofs can also become vulnerable to water, causing damage and affecting quality of life. To ensure your roof is always dry and safe, our roof waterproofing installation service in Da Nang will be the perfect choice for the following reasons:

- High quality roofing: We provide high quality roofing services with the best materials on the market. The new roof will not only be beautiful but will also ensure effective waterproofing.

- Professional roof repair: If your roof has cracks, damage or any problems, we provide professional roof repair services to fix any problems as quickly as possible.

- Modern waterproofing methods for corrugated iron roofs: To ensure the roof stays dry in all weather, we use modern waterproofing methods to prevent water from seeping into the corrugated iron roof.

- Free consultation and quotation: We are committed to providing free consultation and quotation services for every project. We will check the condition of your roof and offer the best solution. Above all, we are committed to providing services at reasonable prices, suitable for your budget.

Reputable waterproofing roofing installer in Da Nang | Cheap quote

2. Installing waterproofing on house walls in Da Nang

SKSUMO company's wall waterproofing installation service in Da Nang offers a range of professional solutions to prevent water from penetrating the wall and causing damage to the structure. Highlights of the services we provide include:

- High professionalism and technique: With a team of skilled waterproofing corrugated iron installers, with extensive experience and training in installing waterproofing corrugated iron on walls in Da Nang. We use modern technology and equipment to ensure the work is carried out in the most efficient and accurate way.

- Analyze and evaluate the overall project: Before starting work, our staff will perform a thorough analysis and evaluation of the wall condition and the cause of water seepage. This helps determine the source of the problem and provide the most appropriate and optimal waterproofing roofing installation solution.

- Use quality materials: Ensure that the materials used in the installation of wall waterproofing are quality, durable and reliable. This ensures that the work will have a long life.

- Professional wall waterproofing installation process: Is an in-depth process, performed by people with experience and expertise in waterproofing construction. The goal of the wall waterproofing installation process is to protect the wall from water intrusion, ensuring the quality and durability of the project.

3. Other surface waterproofing installation services

In addition to roofs and walls, we also provide waterproofing installation services for other surfaces such as floors, swimming pools, water tanks, etc. to ensure the quality and sustainability of surfaces in various situations. Need to prevent water or moisture from entering.

Waterproofing corrugated iron installation service specializes in protecting and creating a waterproof physical layer on various surfaces, including concrete, tile, brick, stone, glass, and many other construction materials.

Latest price quote for waterproofing corrugated iron installation in Da Nang

Update the latest quotation for waterproofing corrugated iron installation in Da Nang from SKSUMO waterproofing company.

Construction corrugated iron materials

Thickness (1zem = 0.1mm)

Unit price (vnđ/m2)

Vietnamese-French religion or Vietnamese-Japanese religion

3 zem


3,5 zem


4 zem


Hoa Phat corrugated iron or Phuong Nam corrugated iron

3 zem


3,5 zem


4 zem


Dong A corrugated iron

3 zem


3,5 zem


4 zem


Hoa Sen corrugated iron

3 zem


3,5 zem


4 zem


(*) Note: Quotes are for reference only and may change depending on the scale of each specific project. In addition, the larger the construction area, the more discounts there are at the prescribed rate.

Reputable waterproofing roofing installer in Da Nang | Cheap quote

Q&A about waterproofing roofing installation service in Da Nang

1. What is the most common process of installing waterproofing in Da Nang?

Normally, the process of installing waterproofing in Da Nang is carried out according to the following steps:

Step 1: Determine requirements: First, you need to determine the specific requirements of the project, including factors such as type of corrugated iron, shape of the roof, surrounding environment, and rainfall intensity at the construction location. build.

Step 2: Choose materials: Choose suitable materials to seal the corrugated iron, such as waterproof panels, waterproof tape, silicone, etc.

Step 3: Design an implementation plan: Determine how the corrugated iron panels will be installed, including details such as seams between panels, how to connect the corrugated iron panels to the foundation structure, and how to handle complex details such as roof tops, ventilation holes, drainage pipes, etc.

Step 4: Installation: Carry out the installation of corrugated iron sheets and waterproofing system according to the determined design. Ensure the privacy and durability of the entire system when installing waterproofing.

Step 5: Testing: After completion, inspect and test the waterproofing system of the completed corrugated iron to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Step 6: Handover and maintenance: Hand over the waterproofing corrugated iron installation project according to schedule, along with a commitment plan for periodic maintenance and maintenance according to regulations for customers.

2. How to quickly contact a waterproofing roofing installer in Da Nang?

To quickly contact SKSUMO company's waterproofing installer in Da Nang, you can choose one of the following ways:

a. Contact via hotline number: Call directly to SKSUMO company hotline in Da Nang for advice at number: 0836660123.

b. Contact via website: Visit SKSUMO's official website and submit your request for consultation at:

c. Contact via Email: You can also send an email and describe the issue that needs to be discussed along with your contact information to CEO SKSUMO for support via email

d. Directly to the company office: If you are near SKSUMO company office in Da Nang, you can come directly to chat and discuss your project with consultants at the address: No. 586 Nguyen Huu Tho, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang City.

(Address of SKSUMO waterproofing company on Google Maps)

3. What items is usually applied to waterproofing corrugated iron installation?

Items commonly used for waterproofing roofing installation include:

- Corrugated iron roof: Waterproof corrugated iron is used to prevent rainwater and moisture from the outside environment from entering the building or structure through the corrugated iron roof.

- Exterior walls: Exterior wall surfaces often need to be installed with waterproofing to protect against rainwater and moisture.

- Underground sewer system: In underground sewer construction, installing waterproofing is applied to prevent groundwater from entering the sewer system or other underground systems.

- Water reservoirs: Water reservoirs need a waterproof layer to prevent water from the reservoir from seeping into the ground and keep water in the reservoir.

- Road and bridge protection: Bridges and roads may require the installation of waterproofing to protect the structure from water and environmental influences.

- Other civil and industrial projects: Waterproofing corrugated iron installation is also used in many different projects such as buildings, factories, parking lots, and many other applications to protect structures and structures from Water and damp intrusion.

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